Indian Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Here is another Geography Quiz – MCQ Questions and Answers for aspirants of Competitive Exams like UPSC, SSC, IAS, etc. It is important for general knowledge tests as well. It covers Indian Geography topics like climate, agriculture, minerals, and industries. These topics are must to know as many exams ask questions from these topics. and these are basic topics in Indian Geography.

So let’s start the Quiz. If you are not able to get answer of any question, you need not worry as all answers will be provided at the end of the quiz.

geography questions and answers quiz

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Hope you enjoyed the Geography Questions and Answers quiz and it is useful to you. Take a sincere attempt at these questions and we hope that you get a government job very soon. Stay with DataFlair for more such quizzes on different topics like Geography, History, General Knowledge, General Awareness and many more to help you crack Competitive Exams.

Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment Section. Do let us know your score to check where you stand in the competition.

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