Career in C/C++ That Deny the fact of Outdated Language [2023]

Get Certified in C Programming and Take Your Skills to the Next Level

There are bright prospects and various avenues in C and C++ programming for candidates with extensive knowledge. If you aren’t aware of a career in C/C++ Programming, then you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to explore the different opportunities available for a person who is well equipped with the skills needed in C/C++ Language.

Career in C/C++

Today, almost every person is at least familiar with the term “C and C++ programming” when it comes to Computer Science. Even a person from a non-technical background has heard about these languages. The establishment of the Information Technology sector first started with fundamental languages like C and C++. Even after several decades of its introduction, C still continues to reign the industries because of its salient features.

Although Python, Java, and C++ have outpowered C in terms of demand in the market, C continues to be the base requirement that every programmer is expected to be familiar with.

Types of Jobs in C/C++

These are the different types of jobs which will help you to make a career in C/C++.

1. Junior Programmer

As a junior programmer, you can start off with your coding career. This is the infant stage of coding and you would require at least 3-4 years of coding experience to upgrade to the senior level. Your job would include basic coding, debugging, reviewing codes, and technical documentation.

2. Senior Programmer

This post is usually given to programmers with more than 3-4 years of coding experience and a definite level of skill set and expertise. Here you would mentor and train junior programmers, you might even have to interact with your client if you’re given the responsibility to coach them.

3. Software Developer

This post would entail you to create and market your own software. It is a respectable position that can be bagged by a person from a person who completed his degree from a technical or non-technical background.

4. Quality Analyst

This post would entail you to analyze each and every aspect of the designated software designed by a software developer.

5. Game Programmer

This post would entail you to fulfill the criterion either of a software engineer or computer scientist who essentially develops codebases for gaming relevant software, such as game development tools.

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Nevertheless, you could develop your own games and sell them on play store or apple store if you don’t have a degree to work for a gaming company.

6. Software Developer Engineer

This post would entail you to carry on all the responsibilities of a software developer with addition to expertise in computer hardware as a software developer engineer. You should be expected to be well-acquainted with the computer architecture system and the digital logic and design of various computer hardware components. Preferably, a person with his B.E/ degree in computer science or information technology is preferred with a few years of working experience.

7. C/C++ Analyst

You would be concerned with the design, development, and implementation of computer programs in C and C++. You have to essentially be familiar with the latest technologies that are reigning the market and develop your software such that it meets the requirement and demand of the users with a competitive edge over programs developed by your rival companies.
The salary range of a C/C++ analyst ranges from $45,230 and $89,472 per annum according to Payscale.

8. Programming Architect

As a C/C++ programming architect, you would entail to fulfill the criterion of a software engineer with more than 5 years of work experience and have the certificate of development of as many projects in C and C++ as possible.

9. UNIX Shell Scripting

The descent of UNIX OS was because of the C/C++ programming language. There are a lot of opportunities in this field if you are an expert in C and C++ as it only requires to be proficient in one language, that is, the C programming language.

10. Backend Developer

Also called a server-side developer, your task would entail to carry on all the off-page activities of your company’s website. Your primary focus would be on the database management system, scripting, and architecture of your company’s website.

11. Embedded Engineer

One of the striking applications of C is the development of an embedded system as C is closely associated with the machine level language easily understood by the compiler. As an embedded engineer, you would be expected to develop embedded systems. Your eligibility criteria would be a B.E/B.Tech degree in computer science or information technology. Since C++ is an improvised version of C, C++ finds application in embedded systems as well along with the implementation of features of object-oriented programming.

12. Database Developer

This position is required in almost each and every company as it is of utmost importance to maintain a database for an organization to function. The position of a database developer is high in demand. Your task would be to design and modify databases and deal with troubleshooting issues.

13. Bioinformatician

As a bioinformatician, you would be expected to create biological databases. A person with a degree in computer science with a specialization in bioinformatics is the most preferred for this position. The utmost criterion for this post remains a thorough knowledge of implementing databases using programming languages followed by the basic knowledge of biology.

14. Computational Biologist

You would be expected to develop algorithms and models to understand biological systems and models.

Future of C and C++

After the birth of Unix because of the advent of the C language, C revolutionized the kingdom of science and technology.

The various features offered by C and C++are what make C language so popular. In today’s world, every programmer or software developer who has achieved milestones in his life is familiar with the concept of C/C++. Not only it is a fundamental language but its permissive nature allows the user to manage program memory as it offers the feature of dynamic memory allocation which makes it much faster than any other language.

Today, every computer literate person is aware of the term “C/C++ Programming”. After talking about its past and present, let us now discuss the probable future of the C/C++ language.

Some of the shocking future applications of C/C++ are:

1. Astronomy

Since C and C++ are the only language that is adopted in the field of astronomy (GNU Astronomy Utilities) because of its speed, simplicity, and portability., we can perceive a bright future for Astronomical Engineers who have expertise in C/C++ programming.

2. Accounting and Finance

C/C++ supports the feature of creating databases that finds applications in making accounting much simpler.

3. Bioinformatics

It is an emerging field in the world of programming and medical science. As a bioinformatician, you can manage large databases containing a vast amount of information of genetic sequences or the different species in the world through C and C++. This can be done with the help of C programming as it supports the feature of implementing databases and dynamic memory allocation that helps you manage memory and hence proves to be quite fast and efficient.

4. Future Generations of Wireless Networks:

As communication technologies advance, C/C++ may be utilised to create essential infrastructure parts and base station software.

5. For performance-critical components of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, C/C++ may continue to play a key part in the creation of immersive experiences.

6. Internet of Things (IoT):

Where low-level hardware access and effective resource utilisation are crucial, C/C++ may still be employed in IoT devices and edge computing applications.

7. High-Performance Computing (HPC):

Due to its performance capabilities, C/C++ is projected to continue playing a significant role in HPC applications, such as scientific simulations, weather forecasting, and large data processing.

Salary of C/C++ Programmer

The amount of money you make as a C and C++ programmer depends on your skill level, qualifications, and expertise. Implementation of complex data structures and algorithms in C/C++ definitely gives you an upper edge over a person who simply knows just the basic syntax and working of the C/C++ language.

In India, the pay scale of a C and C++ programmer varies from 2 lakhs per annum to 30 lakhs per annum. For a novice, who simply did a 2-3 months certification course of C programming is likely to be hired by a small-scale organization. His paycheck would probably be around 2 lakhs per annum.

A person expert in C/C++ with 5+ years of coding experience is likely to be hired by MNC’s. As a professional, this is expected to develop operating and embedded systems. According to Glassdoor and Payscale, the average salary of a C/C++ programmer in India ranges from 3,36,900 to 4,71,699 per annum.

Demand for C/C++ in the Market

Here is a graphical representation of the demand for various programming languages in the market. This graph depicts where the C/C++ programming language stands among the various other programming languages.

Demand for C in the Market

It is pretty clear from the graph that Java and Python are more in demand than C/C++ in India. But, it is also important to note that most of the developers know how to code in C and C++. It is the minimum requirement for any programmer to know C/C++ programming to get hired.

Hence, it is safe to say that C/C++ is the prerequisite of all other languages. C is base for the development of other programming languages.


Now, you are well aware of the various avenues the C/C++ Language can open for you.  In today’s scenario, beginners don’t plan to set their career in C/C++ as they consider it as an outdated language. But, many new technologies and fields are emerging that use C and C++ as primary or secondary language. If we talk about its prediction, C will survive in the industry till 2060.

Furthermore, if you have doubts related to a career in C/C++, you can ask in the comment section.

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