Applications of C Programming That Will Make You Fall In Love With C

A popular myth about C is that it has become obsolete and no one is using it anymore. Generally, people think that applications of C programming are decreasing day by day. But, it is an inevitable fact that C is regarded as one of the oldest and fundamental languages widely used all over the world. The knowledge of programming is incomplete without the incorporation of the C language. It continues to dominate the realm of programming.

If you want to conquer any technological domain, then you must develop strong roots from the beginning.

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Various Real-World Applications of C Programming

The applications of C are not only limited to the development of operating systems, like Windows or Linux, but also in the development of GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) and, IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). Here are some striking applications offered by the C programming language:

C applications

1. Operating Systems

The first operating system to be developed using a high-level programming language was UNIX, which was designed in the C programming language. Later on, Microsoft Windows and various Android applications were scripted in C.

2. Embedded Systems

The C programming language is considered an optimum choice when it comes to scripting applications and drivers of embedded systems, as it is closely related to machine hardware.

3. GUI

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. Adobe Photoshop, one of the most popularly used photo editors since olden times, was created with the help of C. Later on, Adobe Premiere and Illustrator were also created using C.

4. New Programming Platforms

Not only has C given birth to C++, a programming language including all the features of C in addition to the concept of object-oriented programming but, various other programming languages that are extensively used in today’s world like MATLAB and Mathematica. It facilitates the faster computation of programs.

5. Google

Google file system and Google chromium browser were developed using C/C++. Not only this, the Google Open Source community has a large number of projects being handled using C/C++.

6. Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

Since Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird were open-source email client projects, they were written in C/C++.

7. MySQL

MySQL, again being an open-source project, used in Database Management Systems was written in C/C++.

8. Compiler Design

One of the most popular uses of the C language was the creation of compilers. Compilers for several other programming languages were designed keeping in mind the association of C with low-level languages, making it easier to be comprehensible by the machine.

Several popular compilers were designed using C such as Bloodshed Dev-C, Clang C, MINGW, and Apple C.

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9. Gaming and Animation

Since the C programming language is relatively faster than Java or Python, as it is compiler-based, it finds several applications in the gaming sector. Some of the most simple games are coded in C such as Tic-Tac-Toe, The Dino game, The Snake game and many more. Increasing advanced versions of graphics and functions, Doom3 a first-person horror shooter game was designed by id Software for Microsoft Windows using C in 2004.

Applications of C in Gaming and Animation


Many of the world’s leading companies are using C programming for their professional use, which clears the fact that C is not an outdated language. It is still the most preferred language for programmers and back-end developers. Here, we got an insight into the applications of C programming in the real world.

We inferred that C is used in all spheres of hardware and software development, making it useful for upcoming software developers and software professionals, of course, who have great command over C to design complex interfaces.

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