C Multiple Choice Questions – Test Your Skills in Just 3 Mins

Get Certified in C Programming and Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Today, quizzes are the best way to examine knowledge. You can enhance the fundamental skills with “C Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s)”. These C Quiz Questions cover all the important topics, which plays a major role in interviews and placements.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take this challenge and prove yourself. But before you start, bookmark all C quizzes and finish them before appearing for any interview:

Hope, you scored well in our “C Multiple Choice Questions”.  Share your C Quiz score in the comments and challenge others to score more!!

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  1. bhargavi says:

    its amazing quiz

  2. Priyanka Jhamb says:

    May you please explain 9th question? How its output is coming?

  3. vishnu lakshmi k says:

    it is very good questions for begineers

  4. mouni says:

    click option is not working sir

  5. Montaha says:

    All the best

  6. PRITI LAKHE says:


  7. PRITI LAKHE says:


  8. Chakka Sai Dheeraj 23BAI1063 says:

    11. Question
    Which of the following is not necessary for every C program?

    Header file
    Preprocessor directive
    The main function
    The use of a keyword
    for this question answer should be “The use of keywords”.
    It would be better if we have a video explanation for some questions.

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