Ambari Quiz – Test Your Apache Ambari Expertise

1. Apache Ambari Online Quiz

Do you think you know about Apache Ambari? Take the latest Ambari Quiz and find out. This Ambari Quiz contains a list of questions which will test your learning of Ambari. If you pass the quiz you must go for Ambari Interview Questions and if not then you should follow our tutorials for Ambari.

Ambari Quiz - Test Your Apache Ambari Expertise

Ambari Quiz – Test Your Apache Ambari Expertise

So, let’s start the Apache Ambari Quiz.

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Q.1 ___________ provides an intuitive, easy-to-use Hadoop management web UI backed by its RESTful APIs.
Q.2 Point out the correct statement :
Q.3 Ambari leverages ________ for metrics collection.
Q.4 Ambari leverages ___________ for system alerting and will send emails when your attention is needed
Q.5 Point out the wrong statement :
Ambari Views framework was greatly improved to better support instantiating and loading custom views
The Ambari shell is written in Java and uses the Groovy bases Ambari REST client
Ambari-Shell is distributed as a single-file executable jar
Q.6 A ________ is a way of extending Ambari that allows 3rd parties to plug in new resource types along with the APIs.
Q.7 Ambari ___________ deliver a template approach to cluster deployment.
Q.8  ___________ facilitates installation of Hadoop across any number of hosts.
Q.9 Ambari provides a ________ API that enables integration with existing tools, such as Microsoft System Center
Q.10 If Ambari Agent has any output in /var/log/ambari-agent/ambari-agent.out, it is indicative of a __________ problem.
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