10 Best Apache Ambari Features | Why Ambari is Popular

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Today, in this Apache Ambari Tutorial, we will discuss top Ambari Features that makes it so popular. As we know over the last year Ambari has seen tremendous growth, and also it is gaining immense popularity among the existing Big Data Technologies.

But one question strikes again and again that what are the reasons behind such immense popularity.

So, in this Ambari article, we will learn the best 10 Apache Ambari Features, that makes Ambari stand out from the crowd. However, we will also see its brief introduction first, to get glimpses that what actually Ambari is.

So, let’s learn Ambari Features.

10 Best Apache Ambari Features | Why Ambari is Popular

10 Best Apache Ambari Features | Why Ambari is Popular

What is Ambari?

An open framework we use for the purpose of provisioning, managing, and monitoring Apache Hadoop clusters is what we call Apache Ambari. Basically, it simplifies the operation of Hadoop clusters by offering an intuitive and easy-to-use Hadoop management web UI backed by its collection of tools as well as APIs.

Features of Ambari

So, here is the list of Ambari features which makes it stand out of crowd:

a. Pre-configured Operational Metrics

There are pre-configured operational metrics in Ambari, by using that, it instantaneous insight into the health of the Hadoop cluster.

b. User-Friendly Configuration

Due to the user-friendly configuration, it offers an easy step-by-step guide for installation.

c. Authentication

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By installing Kerberos-based Hadoop clusters, Ambari provides authentication, authorization, and auditing.

d. Monitoring

By visualizing and analyzing jobs and tasks, Dependencies and performances monitored.

e. Platform Independent

Apache Ambari architecturally supports any hardware and software systems, and it can run in Windows, Mac and many other platforms especially where Ambari runs are Ubuntu, SLES, RHEL and many more.

Additionally, components those are dependent on a platform are ought to be plugged with well-defined interfaces, for example like yum, rpm packages, Debian packages.

f. Pluggable Component

We can easily customize any current Ambari application. Basically, any specific tools, as well as technologies, must be surrounded by pluggable components. Also, make sure that the pluggability’s purpose doesn’t hold within the standardization of inter-component.

g. Version Management and Upgrade

While it comes to maintaining versions in Ambari it does not need any external tools such as Git. Moreover, we can say it is quite easy to upgrade both Ambari or its applications.

h. Extensibility

By including different view components, it is possible to extend the functionality of existing Ambariapplications.

i. Failure Recovery

To understand Failure recovery concept in Ambari, let’s suppose something wrong happens when we are working on an Ambari application. And, at this time, the system needs to recover from it, gracefully. That Ambari does.

Also, see it in this way, If we worked on the word file and all of sudden there is a power outage, so, after turning the system on we will get an autosaved version of the document at MS word, this is as same as failure recovery concept in Ambari.

j. Security

The Ambari application can sync with LDAP over the active directory and also it comes with robust security.

So, this was all in Apache Ambari Features. Hope you like our explanation.

Conclusion: Ambari Features

Hence, we have seen 10 Best Apache Ambari Features which makes Ambari stand out from the crowd or makes it popular. Still, if you have any doubt regarding Ambari Features, ask in the comment tab.

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