9 Unique Apache Zookeeper Applications – You must know

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1. Objective

In our last ZooKeeper tutorial, we discussed features of Apache ZooKeeper. Today, we will see 9 ZooKeeper Applications. Due to a distributed environment, Zookeeper offers a flexible coordination infrastructure to us. Moreover, ZooKeeper supports many of the today’s best industrial applications.
So, let’s start applications of ZooKeeper in depth.

ZooKeeper Applications

9 Unique Apache Zookeeper Applications – You must know

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2. Zookeeper Applications

Below, we are discussing some important applications of Apache ZooKeeper, let’s discuss them in detail:

a. Apache Solr

For leader election and centralized configuration, Apache Solr uses Zookeeper.

b. Apache Mesos

A tool which offers efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications, as a cluster manager is what we call Apache Mesos. Hence for the fault-tolerant replicated master, Mesos uses ZooKeeper.

c. Yahoo!

As we all know ZooKeeper was originally built at “Yahoo!”, so for several requirements like robustness, data transparency, centralized configuration, better performance, as well as coordination, they designed Zookeeper. 

d. Apache Hadoop

As we know behind the growth of Big Data industry, Apache Hadoop is the driving force. So, for configuration management and coordination, Hadoop relies on ZooKeeper.
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Multiple ZooKeeper servers endure large Hadoop clusters, that’s why in order to retrieve and update synchronization information, each client machine communicates with one of the ZooKeeper servers. Like: Human Genome Project, as there are terabytes of data in Human Genome Project, So, In order to analyze the dataset and find interesting facts for human development, it uses Hadoop MapReduce framework.

e. Apache HBase

An open source, distributed, NoSQL database which we use for real-time read/write access of large datasets is what we call Apache HBase. While it comes to Zookeeper,  installation of HBase distributed application depends on a running ZooKeeper cluster.
In addition, to track the status of distributed data throughout the master and region servers, Apache HBase uses ZooKeeper. Now use-cases of HBase are −

i. Telecom

One of them is the Telecom industry. As it stores billions of mobile call records and further access them in real time. Hence we can say it uses HBase to process all the records in real time, easily and efficiently.

ii. Social network

Like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook receives huge volumes of data on daily basis so to find recent trends and other interesting facts it also uses HBase.

f. Apache Accumulo

Moreover, on top of Apache ZooKeeper (and Apache Hadoop), another sorted distributed key/value store “Apache Accumulo” is built.

g. Neo4j

For write master selection and read slave coordination, No4j is a distributed graph database which uses ZooKeeper.

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h. Cloudera

Basically, for centralized configuration management, Cloudera search integrates search functionality with Hadoop by using ZooKeeper.
So, this was all about applications of ZooKeeper. Hope you like our explanation.

3. Conclusion: Zookeeper Applications

Hence, in this ZooKeeper tutorial, we have seen all the Zookeeper Applications. Still, if any doubt occurs feel free to ask in the comment section.

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