Virtual Box Installation Guide

1. Objective

The below tutorial will help you to easily install Virtual Box on the host OS installed on your machine. In Virtual Box we can easily run a number of guest operating systems depending upon your hardware configurations. Virtual Box saves system’s memory by configuring a number of OS on it, rather than individually installing them. And we can also install a number of setups and services on it.

2. Download Link

You can download the latest version of Virtual Box from the Virtual Box website: according to the version of your operating system Windows, Mac or Linux.
If you’re running Windows operating system, download the Windows version at the top by clicking “x86/amd64”
Go to DOWNLOAD folder at your desktop.
Run the VirtualBox-4.3.16-95972-Win.exe file. Oracle VM Virtual Box Installation Window will appear.

3. Steps to Install Virtual Box:

Below are the very easy steps with screen shots containing the installation procedure of Virtual Box. With the help of below screenshots you can install Virtual Box on your system without taking help of anyone for a single time.

3.1. Click Next

Setup Wizard

3.2. Click Next

Custom Setup

3.3. Uncheck “Create a shortcut in the Quick Launch Bar” and click “Next”

Features Selection

3.4. Click “Yes”

Network Interfaces Warning

3.5. Click “Install”

Ready to Install

3.6. Click “Install”

Serial Bus Software Installation

3.7. Click “Install”

Network Service Installation

3.8. Click “Install”

Network Adapters Installation

3.9. Click “Finish”

Exit Setup Wizard

3.10. After completion of Installation process, the Virtual Box Window gets opened

Virtual Box Window

Congratulations “Oracle VM Virtual Box” has been installed successfully, now you can create Virtual Machine and install Operating System.

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