How to Install Ubuntu on VMware Player 1

1. Objective

This guide will explain how to create a virtual machine and how to install Ubuntu on VMWare player. VMWare player provides virtualization framework using which we can create virtual machines and share the resources of the physical host machine. Apart from this, we can install guest OS for the requirements which cannot be fulfilled using host OS. Alternatively, you can create virtual machine and install Ubuntu using Oracle Virtual Box

2. How to Install Ubuntu on VMware Player

Follow the steps given below to install Ubuntu on VMWare player-

2.1. Download VMWare Player

2.2. Download Ubuntu (14.04 or later)

2.3. Installation Steps

a. Open VMware Player

How to install ubuntu on VMWare player

b. Click on “Create a New Virtual Machine”

How to install ubuntu on VMWare player

c. Click on “Browse” to select installer disc image

Installer Disc

d. After selecting the disc image click “Open” 

Disk Image

e. Click “Next”

Installer Disc Image

f. Enter all the details and click “Next”

Easy Install Information

g. Supply machine name and Click “Next”

Name the Virtual Machine

h. Specify disk capacity and Click “Next”

Disk Capacity

i. Click “Finish”

Ready to Create Virtual Machine

j. Now installation procedure will start and below screen will get displayed

Starting Installation

k. During Installation procedure if following message will appear to download VMware Tools. Click “Download and Install”

Software Update

l. Now Ubuntu installation procedure will start and below screens will get displayed

Ubuntu Installation

Ubuntu Installation Process

Installation Finishing

m. After completion of installation procedure the following message gets displayed. Check the message and click “OK”


n. If on completion of installation procedure if you get the following screen

Command Login Screen

o. Follow these steps: On VMware Player click Player > Manage > Install VMware Tools…

VMWare Tools Install

p. Click Download and Install 

Software Update

q. After downloading VMware tools your Ubuntu desktop will get displayed.

Ubuntu Desktop

Congratulations “Ubuntu OS has been successfully installed on VMware Player”

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