IoT Environmental Monitoring Application – A Tour in 3 Minutes

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In our last IoT tutorial, we discussed 5 IoT Applications in Healthcare in detail. Today, we will discuss another IoT application which is, IoT Environmental Monitoring Application.

Also, Environmental Monitoring Applications offered by Internet of Things are important for the protection of environment/surroundings.

So, let’s start with Internet of Things Environmental Monitoring.

IoT Environmental Monitoring

We will learn 4 important applications of IoT Environmental Monitoring, which are beneficial for the environment.

IoT Environmental Monitoring Application

IoT Environmental Monitoring


a. Waste Management

The problem of waste management is very crucial issue in big cities, due to two reasons; first the cost of service and second the problem of storage of accumulating garbage.

In order to save and make use of inexpensive environmental advantages, a deeper penetration of information and communications technologies solutions in this field will be required.

For example, intelligent waste containers help identify the level of load the trucks carry and allow for an optimization of the collector trucks route, which in turn can reduce the cost of waste collection and improve the quality of recycling.

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To incorporate and make effective use of such smart waste management services, the IoT will connect these intelligent waste containers, to a control center where an optimization software will process the data and determine the optimal management and route the collector truck should follow. 

IoT Environmental Monitoring Application

IoT Application – Waste Management

b. Vehicle Tracking

IoT Environmental Monitoring Application

Internet of things IoT Environmental Monitoring – Vehicle Tracking

The vehicle tracking facility makes use of road sensors and intelligent display systems that help drivers to find the best path for parking in the city.

The benefits from this service are many such as faster the car takes to locate a parking slot means lesser CO emission from the car, lesser traffic problems, and ultimately happier citizens. The IoT infrastructure can directly integrate the vehicle parking facility.

Furthermore, like we discussed earlier, by using communication technologies, such as Near Field Communication (NFC) or Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID), we can understand the electronic confirmation system of parking and locate slots reserved for residents or disabled persons, thus offering a better service to residents that can make use of those slots and also as an efficient tool to spot any violations quickly.

IoT Environmental Monitoring Application

Internet of things IoT Environmental Monitoring – Vehicle Tracking

The monitoring technology currently in use for air and water safety mainly uses manual labor along with some advanced instruments, and lab processing techniques. Through IoT systems, the need for manual labor is reduced.

As a result, frequent sampling is allowed, increasing the range of monitoring and sampling, allowing sophisticated on-site testing, and providing responses to detection systems. This prevents any further contamination of water bodies and other natural resources and related disasters.

IoT Environmental Monitoring Application

IoT Application – Air & Water Pollution

d. Extreme Weather

Powerful, advanced systems currently used for weather forecasting allow deep monitoring, but they suffer from using broad instruments, such as radar and satellites. These instruments that are used for small details lack the accurate targeting potential for smart technology.

IoT Environmental Monitoring Application

IoT Environmental Monitoring Benefits – Extreme Weather

Now, through the new IoT advances, the IoT system promises more data that fine-grain, better flexibility, and accuracy.

Effective weather forecasting procedures require high detail as well as flexibility in instrument type, range, and deployment. This results in early responses to prevent loss of life and property through early detection.

IoT Environmental Monitoring Application

IoT Environmental Monitoring Benefits – Extreme Weather

So, this was all about IoT Environmental Monitoring Application. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, today we learned how can we use IoT environmental monitoring. Moreover, we covered the different Internet of Things Environmental Monitoring. Furthermore, stay tuned for more interesting blogs, and feel free to ask in the comment section.

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