Top 5 Impala books For Beginners and Advanced learners

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While we are working with Hadoop then you know about the many related tools & platforms. Impala is one such tool that offers fast, interactive SQL queries directly on your Apache Hadoop data stored in HDFS, HBase, or the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

However, it may seem like a complicated program at the start, but it’s easy to pick up Impala from scratch with the right learning materials as good Impala Books.

Moreover, to take you from a complete novice to an expert user I’ve organized the absolute best Impala books. We are organizing at least one book here for everyone, regardless of their experience level.

Although, there is a possibility that you’ve never used Hadoop before so, start with it first. Hence,  if you need some ideas to check out some best Hadoop books collection.

Top 5 Impala books

So, let’s start discussing the best Impala books available.

1. Getting Started with Impala: Interactive SQL for Apache Hadoop

Getting Started with Impalaby John Russell

As per its name, the book ‘’Getting Started with Impala’’ helps you design database schemas that not only interoperate with other Hadoop components, but are convenient for administers to manage and monitor, and also accommodate future expansion in data size and evolution of software capabilities.

Basically, this book was written by John Russell. A documentation lead for the Cloudera Impala project, by using this book we will get to work with the most recent Impala releases quickly.

  • This book makes easier to learn how Impala integrates with a wide range of Hadoop components.
  • It is possible to attain high performance and scalability for huge data sets on production clusters with this book.
  • Also, learn to explore common developer tasks, such as porting code to Impala and optimizing performance.
  • Also, for working with billion-row tables, date- and time-based values, and other techniques, you can use these tutorials.
  • Moreover, by using this book we can learn the transition from rigid schemas to a flexible model that evolves as the needed change.
  • Also, take a deep dive into joins and the roles of statistics.

2. Learning Cloudera Impala

Learning Cloudera Impalaby Avkash Chauhan

This book contains so many practical examples. Hence, this is what we call a practical, example-oriented book. Basically, the book ‘’Learning Cloudera Impala’’ helps to learn everything we need to know about Cloudera Impala. Also, we can say by using this book you can get started on your very own project. Moreover, it contains everything, from installation, administration, and query processing, all the way to connectivity with other third-party applications. To be honest, you will find yourself empowered to play with your data in Hadoop with this book in your hand.

In addition, you will learn about the origin of Impala and the technology behind it that allows it to run on thousands of machines. Also, you will learn how to install, run, manage, and troubleshoot Impala in your own Hadoop cluster. Especially, using the step-by-step guidance provided in the book.
This Impala book is very good for novice learners. Hence, you can use it to achieve your objective.

3. Impala eBook from O’Reilly Media

Cloudera Impalaby John Russell

This ebook is created by O’Reilly Media which has partnered with Cloudera. However, it is specifically intended for technical end-users of Cloudera Impala, the open source distributed query engine for Apache Hadoop.

Basically, this book was authored by Cloudera’s own John Russell. It offers a 30-page tour of Impala’s internals and architecture, as well as common usage patterns intended for mainstream (SQL) users. So, if you are looking for an ebook, choose it, it will definitely help you a lot.

4. Practical Performance Analysis and Tuning for Cloudera Impala 

by Greg Rahn

Impala Books

As we know, Impala brings SQL to Hadoop. However, it also brings SQL performance tuning to those using the platform. So, including understandable query execution plans, that contains several topics in Impala performance analysis, the use of query hints, interpreting Impala’s built-in query instrumentation as well as the examination of Impala’s hardware resource utilization for different queries and workloads. It also contains design choices like table partitioning and file formats, including the Parquet columnar storage format for Hadoop.

5. Apache Impala Guide

Well, this is not exactly a book, but a complete guide on Impala. So, here I am providing the link to this PDF.

Undoubtedly, it covered each and every aspect to make you comfortable with the topic. Hence, new learners to Impala can start with this PDF, for a better grip on Impala Features.


As a result, we have covered the best Impala books for beginners as well as advanced learners. Hence, it will help to learn how the things flow at the backend in the Hadoop system and its working.

Although, any book from this list can help you get up & moving with Impala. Thus, you can start with any of these Impala books.

Also, we ensure that there should be at least one book here for everyone regardless of their experience level. Still, if you know any other Impala Books, feel free to share through the comment section.

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