Apache Flume books – For Beginners & Experienced Professionals

1. Objective

A good book is very important in the process of learning. So, when we want to learn flume in detail, we need to refer some good books. Hence, in this Apache Flume blog, we will see some top flume books. Also, we will see their brief description, that will ease the selection of book. 
However, to learn about Flume, refer link: Apache Flume Tutorial – Flume Introduction, Features & Architecture

Flume books

Flume books

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2. Best Apache Flume books

Now, let’s see top 3 Apache Flume books, that will help to learn flume better.

a. Apache Flume: Distributed Log Collection for Hadoop – Second Edition

As we know, to efficiently collect, aggregate, and move large amounts of log data Apache Flume is a distributed, reliable, and available service. Basically, we use it to stream logs from application servers to HDFS for ad-hoc analysis. The book “Apache Flume: Distributed Log Collection for Hadoop – Second Edition ” starts with an architectural overview of Flume and its logical components. Moreover, it explores channels, sinks, and sink processors, followed by sources and channels. Also, this book contains a series of Flume agents to dynamically transport our stream data and logs from our systems into Hadoop.

Flume books

Flume books – Apache Flume

Also, we can say it is a step-by-step book which guides us through the architecture and components of Flume covering different approaches, which are then pulled together as a real-world, end-to-end use case, gradually going from the simplest to the most advanced features.

b. Using Flume: Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable Data Streaming

It is very important to know that how can we get our data from frontend servers to Hadoop in near real time? So, with this book, we will learn Flume’s rich set of features for collecting, aggregating, and writing large amounts of streaming data to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Apache HBase, SolrCloud, Elastic Search, and other systems.

Flume books

Flume books – Using Flume

Also, we will learn how to install and configure Flume, deploy, and monitor a Flume cluster. Moreover, it teaches developers how to write Flume plugins and custom components for their specific use-cases. Likewise, it contains Flume’s design and implementation, as well as various features that make it highly scalable, flexible, and reliable. The best part of this Flume book is it carries code examples and exercises to practice.

c. Real Time Data Ingest into Hadoop using Flume

By HariShreedharan Committer and PMC Member, Apache Flume software Engineer, Cloudera

Flume books

Flume books – RReal-Time Data Ingest into Hadoop using Flume

This book is written by Hari Shreedharan. He is an Apache Sqoop Committer, PMC Members. Hence he covered each and every aspect of Flume in this book. Specifically, he has clarified the Clients send Events to Agents, Agents hosts number Flume components – Source, Interceptors, Channel. Also, it contains channel operations and transactional which guarantee one-hop delivery semantics. Moreover, this book is best for both fresh learners as well as experienced developers.

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3. Conclusion

So, this Apache Flume tutorial contains all best Flume books we can refer to the journey of learning Apache Flume. Still, if you want to ask any query about these books, feel free to ask in the comment section.
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