Digital Bloodbath May Continue in IT Industry

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Shocking but a true statement about Indian IT professionals and their skills is given by Global tech major IBM chief Ginni Rometty and she says Indians lack the required skill sets. The companies are looking for professionals having the required skills and knowledge which is missing in IT students. They are a jack of all trades and master of none that makes it difficult to give good job opportunities to them even though they are capable of getting it.

According to the Economic Times, Rometty said, “In India, there is an issue with the students or people who need jobs in the IT field, they don’t have the required skills. And this problem is just not limited to Indian shores, it is a global problem.” By this, she clearly meant that only having the basic knowledge and a certified degree of technologies without expertise won’t work now to get a good job in the IT sector. People need to learn more, gain more experience, and develop new skills that can match with the continuously growing industry.

Skills More Important Than Degrees

In the conference, Ginni made a valid argument that if we see the present job scenario, there is no value of any degree, if you don’t have the desired skills and experienced.”

IBM CEO Rometty said – “It can be that you can have folks with less than a university degree, but participate well in the industry.”

Lack of skills in job

Source – Economic Times

Ginni assures that there are plenty of jobs in the market but she regrets that there are not skilled professionals that can fill the demand-supply gap. So, if you want to work in IT sector then you must have the required technical skills with expertise in it. This article focusses on all such skills that you being an IT professional must have to get the best job in the world.

Do We Not Have Proper Employment Skills?

If you see the current job scenario you will get the answer. Many of the fresh graduate engineers are unemployed.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is not the first person who said IT professionals have a lack of employment skills. Capgemini Chief executive Srinivas Kandula stated that “65% of IT Employees are not trainable, and also they had warned about the job cuts due to not having the proper skills.” This clearly implies even if you have done bachelors or masters course, this does not mean you are ready for a job. You need to gain expert knowledge about top trending technologies to beat the race and get yourself placed.

Skills for getting employed

Source – NDTV Profit

It is clear that job seekers don’t have the required skills to get employable.  You can see the aftermath of this as horrible layoffs for IT professionals.

The Asian Age

Source – The Asian Age

Why Layoffs in IT industry?

This is the main question to understand why there are so many layoffs in the IT industry. Let’s get the answer to this question.

The main reason is the paradigm shifts, actually, there are two paradigm shifts running in the industryCloud, industry is shifting from on-premise systems to Cloud which includes the adoption of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. The second paradigm shift is Big Data: the industry is moving from traditional technologies to Big Data. On one hand, newer technologies provide an immense opportunity for business to solve unsolvable problems and expand the business. But with the acceptance of newer technologies old technologies are becoming obsolete very quickly, now the professionals working on older technologies are also becoming obsolete.

Due to these paradigm shifts, the following technologies have become obsolete: Mainframes, Data Warehousing, CRM, Databases (especially in OLAP), traditional ETL, BI & other data handling tools and many more. So the professionals working in these technologies: Mainframes developers/admin/architects, DW developer/managers/DBAs/support professionals, CRM professionals, ETL developers/admins, BI professionals, Business analysts, Data analysts,  testing professionals, have also become obsolete and are on the radar of employers for layoff.

Apart from the above-mentioned professionals, with the continuously evolving technologies, all the professionals need to upgrade and become expert in the latest cutting-edge technologies which are in demand rather than keep working on obsolete technologies.

Which Skills You Should Pursue?

If you belong to a group of working professional who is working in obsolete technologies like Mainframes or traditional RDBMS, you need to upgrade yourself with latest technologies. So, what are these skills? One of the most popular technologies – Big Data

Now, you might be thinking about why Big Data is the most important skill in the IT world. So, the reason is increasing the size of data that has forced every organization to analyze it and gain useful insights from it. From top MNCs to startups, almost all companies have started using it on a very large scale and so they demand big data experts for their companies. But unfortunately, very fewer professionals are available with Big Data expertise.

On one hand, a huge number of job opportunities are available in Big Data and professionals are not job ready, on the other hand, a large number of resources are available in the older technologies, like, if we want 10 professionals of Java, easily we will get 10,000 resumes. Due to such case, the pay scale in these older fields are very less, but in Big Data it’s one of the highest. Because of the same reason, Shuchi transformed her career from Java to Big Data.

If you are a fresh graduate and still not getting a job then you must explore the latest skills required for IT jobs rather than going for old traditional technologies. Although freshers are not aware of the industry trends as in colleges, we are taught only the old technologies with just a brief introduction to new ones. This is the issue that needs to be handled to make students aware of all recent technologies so that they can make their career in these booming technologies rather than in old ones.

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Again, it is seen in many IT sectors that a lot of people are taking retirement or many techno-functional professionals/managers are being fired because they do not fit with the current growing technologies. These people need to be trained to work with the latest cutting edge technologies.

Role of DataFlair in Upgrading Your Profile & Making You Job Ready

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