How a Fresher Became a Flourishing Data Scientist in Germany – Story of Aamer

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Aamer Success Story
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“Where there is no hard work, there is no success. A big credit for my success goes to DataFlair”  – says Aamer

The IT industry is changing!

Do you feel the need to upgrade yourself with the latest cutting-edge Big Data technology? If yes, then this is the right time to start learning.

Today, we talk of the success story of Aamer Aftab, a guy much like you; someone who wanted to upgrade himself in hopes of a better future and a more meaningful life. Read on to find out how he achieved his success and bagged the position of Data Scientist.

Aamer got placed in Germany on the role of Data Scientist and received a good salary package. But before this, he knew only a little about Spark. He enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark Scala Course from DataFlair; it changed his life as he transitioned from an ordinary learner into an impactful Data Scientist. Hear his story in his own words -

I am from an SQL background, and because of the need of the time and the market, I decided to upskill myself. I researched and approached many professionals, and discovered that many SQL and Oracle DBAs had shifted their career to Big Data and Data Science. I often heard the buzz word "Big Data", and had also learned some (Apache) Spark, but that was not enough to allow me to make a switch yet. I had only one thing in mind- "If I want to survive in this continuously changing IT world, I must learn and master this technology."

How Aamer learned Big Data

Aamer shared his experience with us. When he decided to master Big Data, his first step was to find the perfect guide and institute for learning Big Data technologies. He researched and reached DataFlair; here, he opted for the Certified Big Data Hadoop Spark and Scala Training Course. This moment onward, he diligently began his Big Data learning. Spark was what he liked most. He attended all the sessions and worked hard at all assignments and projects. That is one of the reasons he could achieve this grand success in the Big Data world.

What he says:

Joining DataFlair proved to be the right decision. While I was inquiring for the course, I found that DataFlair had industry veterans; that was the one thing I was looking for. I immediately enrolled for the Certified Big Data Hadoop and Spark Training Course. After this, I started learning with the best faculty ever. In each session, he explained the topics so deeply and with real-life examples, I felt even a non-tech could learn it from him. That was the best thing about my experience with DataFlair. I attended all the sessions and received a collection of videos which I used for my interview preparations, and still possess today. After regular sessions, my mentor provided me with some projects, and helped a lot with building them. And then, I attended the mock interview sessions; they were the best part of my training.

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How He Cracked the Interview

Aamer forwarded the resume we helped him curate, and very soon, an interview was scheduled. He started preparing for the interview, watched the videos provided to him by DataFlair, practiced a lot of questions related to his projects, and read a lot of interview experiences.

He explained:

When I started preparing for the interviews, the most helpful thing I found was the videos provided by DataFlair. I watched them twice and practiced many questions. Whenever I would get a doubt, I would ask my mentor. I prepared almost all the questions related to my projects- questions that could be asked. In the interview, they asked me questions related to Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Hive, and HDFS. They put forward scenario-based questions, and many questions from my project. I answered all questions smartly because I was prepared to face such a situation. Soon, I got a call expecting me to joining the company in Germany. And that is the moment I learned the true taste of success.

Advice to Others

If you want a dream job and a settled career, choose to work hard. You need to learn and then practice; this is the only way to achieve success. Choose your mentor smartly; guides play a major role in your success. At last, a big thanks to DataFlair for making me the person I am.

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