From 3 Tiring Years of Software Testing to Big Data Engineer- Story of Pravin

pravin pillai success story
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“Don’t stop the growth of your career. Take the right decision, move to Big Data with a big dream and achieve a lot of success. A big thanks to DataFlair for accompanying me in my journey of a career shift from testing to Big Data. – Says Pravin.”

Are you from testing background? If yes, then you must upgrade yourself with the latest technology else you will be fired.

Pravin played well and with time he made a switch in Big Data from software testing because he realized the value of Big Data in today's IT world. He is a "role model" for those who want to achieve success and continuous growth in their career. So, today is the story of hard-working Pravin Pillai who worked as a manual tester in TCS and now transformed his career in Big Data as a Big Data Engineer in L&T (Larsen & Toubro) Infotech.

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What Made him Switch to Big Data

Pravin worked in testing, which is an obsolete field now and where he was not able to see a good career growth. Then he searched a lot for better career growth and he found Big Data as the best career option because there are many career opportunities and in comparison to that only a few have the complete knowledge of this field. So, he switched to Big Data. Let's have a look on What Pravin says about his switch to Big Data

I realised that I am stuck in a field where there is no career growth no matter how hard you are working. Then I decided to find another option where I can build a better career and a secured future. I asked many professionals who switched from testing to other fields and I noticed that the maximum has selected Big Data. Also, they advised me, to switch my field as soon as possible or else I will get fired as now is trend where industry needs IT professionals with upgraded skills. And I was one who had the knowledge of only software testing and that was not enough to secure my career in the IT industry. That's why I took a switch to Big Data where a lot of opportunities welcomed me. Big Data is something that is going to be compulsory for all IT professionals.

What Steps Pravin Took for Learning Big Data

Once Pravin decided to switch in Big Data, he prepared a plan for himself. The first step is finding the best institution to learn Big Data. He searched and asked many people about the institution then he decided to enroll for Big Data, Hadoop, and Spark Course at DataFlair. After this, he worked on the project and prepared himself for the interview during training. At last, he cracked the interview and placed as Big Data Engineer in L&T Infotech.

My Big Data learning started with the first step of enrolling for the Big Data, Hadoop and Spark course at DataFlair. After enrolling as soon as my learning started, I came to know that my mentor not only possess a lot of the knowledge about the field but also is an industry expertise. I learned all the Big Data, Hadoop and Spark concept with hands-on experience. When the learning part was over, I was assigned with projects on which I worked very hard.completing all these mile stones, I attended several Mock Interviews and became confident enough for Interviews and applied for them, soon got a call from L&T.

-he says

L&T Interview Experience

Pravin faced 2 rounds of technical interview and I HR round during L&T Interview. There were questions from Pig, Hadoop, HDFS, and Apache Spark. Some questions asked to him -

Q.1 Where you have used Pig?

Q.2 How do you write method overloading in scala?

Q.3 Tell us about InputFormat types in HDFS

Q.4 Differentiate RDD, Dataframe, and Dataset.

Q.5 What does hdfs-site.xml look like?

Q.6 What is singleton in Scala?

Q.7 Which is an optimized one, RDD or DF? And why?

Questions related to the project

Q.1 Explain your project

Q.2 What are the features available in Scala and Where did you used currying and function overloading(default values to function) in your project?

Q.3 What is the format of data?

Q.4 Data size and cluster used for it

Q.5 What are the challenges that you faced in the project?

Mock Interview sessions and the videos provided by DataFlair helped me a lot to crack the L&T interview. I revised all my concepts through videos and with the guidance of my mentor I framed all the answers of questions related to my project. This is how I cracked my interview.

Words for Others

Always follow the latest and trending technologies and upgrade yourself according to them. Never work on obsolete technologies or else you will loose your worth in the industry. It is the right and perfect time to switch your career in Big Data. For building career in Big Data DataFlair is the best.

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