Java to Big Data: Making the Right Career Choice – Story of Shuchi Pandey

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Shuchi Yadav Success Story
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“For cracking the Infosys interview, I used two Mantras – One is CONFIDENCE and another is DataFlair”

SHUCHI PANDEY - A girl full of dreams and desires, she very well knows what she wants to do in her life. Java is a technology which is popular among IT professionals, but Big Data is the future. Shuchi was one among those IT professionals who used their Java skills smartly and took a switch to the Big Data world. Now, she has the designation of senior system manager in Infosys and deals with Big Data and Hadoop.

Are you excited to see her journey from Java to Big Data? Read on. 

While working in TCS, she wanted to explore the latest technologies and the perfect one she found was Hadoop. After giving it a thought, Shuchi made the final decision to go ahead with Big Data and Hadoop. She searched a lot, then found the reviews of DataFlair. Hear it from Shuchi  - 

When I was working in TCS, I felt a need to update myself with the new cutting-edge technologies. I had set my mind to Hadoop and Spark. I inquired, searched a lot for the institutions who provided the best training. One day while searching I found DataFlair, read all the facilities and features which they provided, read previous students reviews, and asked them about the course. After all this, I was satisfied and finally enrolled for Big Data Hadoop and Spark Course . That was the best decision of my life.

How did DataFlair help her grow in Big Data?

At DataFlair, Shuchi got the practice material, project ideas, and mock interview sessions which built her confidence enough to let her face any Big Data interviews. Let's see Shuchi's opinion for this -

Mostly the training sessions at DataFlair were scheduled for the weekend so that each had the time to learn. Along with the live sessions, they provided me with videos and practice material. Also, they prepared me for interviews through their mock interview sessions. Whenever I faced any hurdles, the instructor was there for help. Not only this, he always encouraged the students for practicing a lot. These preparations proved helpful for me when I faced the Infosys interview. Without practice, I couldn't have cracked the interview. Thanks to the DataFlair Team.

Shuchi's Interview Experience

I would love to share my Infosys interview experience with all of you. Hope this will help others.

So, there were total 3 rounds - 2 Technical and 1 HR. The first technical round went for about 50 minutes and the second was for 30 minutes. Basically, they covered the topics mentioned in my resume such as MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Flume, Spark, Sqoop.

Infosys Interview Questions

Here are some questions I was asked in the Infosys interview, for which DataFlair trained me -

Q.1 What is the project on which you currently working? Describe its entire flow and architecture.

Q.2 Explain the commands for Sqoop import and export.

Q.3 Why Spark? Give wordcount example using Spark Scala/Python.

Q.4 What are the phases of MapReduce? Explain. 

Q.5 What does hdfs-site.xml look like?

Q.6 How do you connect to a cluster?

Q.7 Explain the types of joins Hive supports and their respective queries.

Q.8 What are the challenges that you faced in your project?

Q.9 Which is better- Sort By or Order By?

Q.10 How does Flume work? Describe its use in your project. Which is the command to run Flume agent?

Her Strategy for Hadoop and Spark Interview Preparations

  • I had gone through the videos provided by DataFlair multiple times.
  • I had gone through the blogs and interview questions published by DataFlair.
  • Then, I practiced the KPIs.
  • I also read the interview experiences of people

Words for others

If you guys are planning to make a switch in your career, then this is the correct time. Start learning now. I am satisfied enough with the training provided by DataFlair and I already referred this to many others. You should go for this. Just remember one thing - Confidence is always the key to success.

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