Big Data Architect Mritunjay – Brick by Brick, he achieved it all!

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“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try. Just be positive, no one can stop you in getting the job.” – Says Mritunjay

I have heard everyone saying, a Big Data Architect position is for the one who loves Data. But if we look into other aspects of the life of a Data Architect and his work, it’s not data all the time. Big Data Architect must know data inside and out, but they must also have strong marketing and analytical skills, a solid knowledge of statistics and applied math, and an understanding of security and governance.

Here we are talking about a Senior Big Data Architect, who amazingly switched his career after working in the IT industry for more than 16 years.

A tech geek who has had a pretty diverse career. Starting his career as a Software Developer, he then worked as a Senior Consultant and again switched to the position of a Lead Consultant.

His name is Mritunjay Singh, the one who loves working for steady growth and skill enhancement.

Why Big Data?

Just after completion of his software engineering, he started working as a developer at EnnovationSoft. He also worked as a Senior Consultant at Mahindra Satyam from 2003 to 2011 and as a Lead Consultant at Teknip for 2 years.

Always thinking of upgrading his skills, he decided to get a better position and therefore left his job. In the later years, he landed up getting a position of Technical Architect at Hexaware from 2013 to 2018.

Again the bug of getting a better position started biting his mind. Mritunjay decided to move his vehicle on a bigger opportunity. In those days, he was highly fascinated by Data Architecture which was a wonderful job in the popular field ‘Big Data’.

And, because Big Data Architects are expected to be so well rounded in their knowledge and skillsets, they also spend their days involved in a variety of activities beyond simply designing data solutions. They also spend a significant amount of time in meetings, working with team members, and using a wide variety of tools.

How did he become a Big Data Architect?

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Mritunjay was already possessing all of the prerequisites of a Data Architect who was a perfect match for this job.

However, Mritunjay realized that he was only good in the technologies that are too old for Big Data. Now changing his field in Big Data seemed difficult.

Soon he got a plan by which his dream of becoming a Big Data Architect could be saved from shattering. He decided to learn and train himself for the new tools and technologies of Big Data.

-He said

“When I came to know that a Big Data Architect is involved in the use of Hadoop, Spark, Scala as the data processing engine but they also use about a dozen other tools and applications, including data modeling and visualization tools, advanced analytics tools, ETL tools, database languages such as Java and Python. I searched for an institute that can help to learn about each of these Big Data particulars. Then I found DataFlair, a complete stop for complete Big Data training.”

Taking his dreams along with enthusiasm, he enrolled for a Big Data Hadoop and Spark courses in DataFlair and started having valuable training sessions. He started learning deeply about Big Data, Hadoop and Spark with the experts and said

“The excellent training by the trainer, the assignments and projects, the practical examples, easy and simple tutorials on the website made easy for me to get ready for my Big Data future. The trainer was so helpful that he used to solve every doubt raised throughout the course. From this training, I was getting more than what I had expected.”

Wipro Interview Questions

He was a keen learner who completed his training and soon after that applied for Wipro. This is what he told us about his interview experience.

There were two technical and one HR round in which they asked various questions to me such as-

  • Performance Tuning
  • What all parameters considered before choosing any big data eco-system technology
  • How to debug
  • Roles and Responsibility
  • On-premise vs Cloud Computing
  • RDD,DataFrame,Datasets
  • Compare Flume vs Kafka

He jumped out of happiness when got selected in Wipro as a Senior Big Data Architect. This was his biggest up-gradation to his skills which secured his whole future.

How DataFlair helped him to get the Job

When asked about DataFlair, Mritunjay said -

“A Big Data Architect is supposed to be comfortable moving between technology and business sides of the organization. I thank DataFlair to help me learn the art of using my technological and managerial skills in an effective way. My heartfelt thanks to the trainer who was highly dedicated to making my dream come true.”

His successful journey of more than 16 years can be a big inspiration for the aspirants to the Big Data field. Therefore, we asked Mritunjay to give his suggestion regarding the preparation and choice of the Institute for Big Data training.

“DataFlair is a place where you get more than expected, brief explanation with real-life examples, valuable projects, tutorials, quizzes, doubt sessions and many more. I don’t think I could have a better choice than DataFlair. So, I suggest the new candidates get your big data training from DataFlair only.

And the candidates must go through all recorded DataFlair videos, do all assignments, and prepare yourself with mock interviews. I assure you that if you work hard and follow the instructor, you will surely get your desired job.”

His willingness to grow and the help from DataFlair gave him what he aspired for.

If he, why can’t you. Start today and shine like a Big Data Star.

Just like Mritunjay, choose out of the best courses from DataFlair.

Good Luck 🙂

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