Tensorflow Tutorials

TensorFlow Mobile | TensorFlow Lite: A Learning Solution   Recently updated !

1. Objective In this TensorFlow tutorial, you will be getting to know about the use of TensorFlow as a good deep learning solution in the field of mobile platforms. There are currently two ways of deploying machine learning applications on mobile devices; one is TensorFlow mobile and other is TensorFlow Lite. Further, in this article, you will be getting to know about them, their usage and advantages and how they are different from each other.  So, let’s start TensorFlow Mobile […]

TensorFlow Mobile


Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)| CIFAR 10 TensorFlow   Recently updated !

1. Objective So, in our previous Tensorflow tutorial, we’ve already seen how to use MNIST with TensorFlow and implement an image recognition model using Inception V3. Today we’ll be learning how to build a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) using TensorFlow in CIFAR 10 Model. Moreover, in this Convolution Neural Network Tutorial, we will see CIFAR 10 CNN TensorFlow model architecture and also the predictions for this model. Along with this, we will learn training and launching of CIFAR 10 model […]

TensorFlow Linear Model Using Kernel Methods   Recently updated !

1. Objective In this TensorFlow tutorial, for TensorFlow Linear Model, we will be learning the preparation and loading of MNIST dataset. Also, we will look at how to train a simple linear model. You will get to know, how to improve the linear model which will use in TensorFlow by adding explicit kernel methods to the model. This article is for the ones who have the knowledge of kernel and Support Vector Machines(SVMs). So, let’s start TensorFlow Linear Model with […]

TensorFlow Linear Model

Mandelbrot Set in TensorFlow

Mandelbrot Set In TensorFlow – Compute Quickly   Recently updated !

1. Objective Today, in this TensorFlow Tutorial, we will see an interesting topic of applied mathematics with Tensorflow. You’ll be visualizing the famous Chaos Theory Mandelbrot Set in TensorFlow. Moreover, in this TensorFlow Mandelbrot set. We will see the set up for Mandelbrot Set and session and variable initialization in TensorFlow. Along with this, we will also look at the Computation of Mandelbrot Set in TensorFlow with an example. Let’s discuss Tensorflow Applications So, let’s begin TensorFlow Mandelbrot Set. 2. What is […]

Recurrent Neural Network TensorFlow | LSTM Neural Network   Recently updated !

1. Objective In our previous TensorFlow tutorial we’ve already seen how to build a convolutional neural network using TensorFLow and today we’ll be learning how to build a TensorFlow Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). Moreover, we will discuss language modelling and how to prepare data for RNN TensorFlow. Along with TensorFlow RNN, we are also going to study TensorFlow LSTM. Also, we will see how to run the code in Recurrent Neural Network in TensorFlow. So, let’s start TensorFlow Recurrent Neural Network. […]

Recurrent Neural Network

TensorFlow Image Recognition

TensorFlow Image Recognition Using – Python & C++   Recently updated !

1. Objective In this TensorFlow tutorial, we will be getting to know about the TensorFlow Image Recognition. Today in this tutorial, you’ll have a deep learning of Image Recognition using TensorFlow. Moreover, in this tutorial, we will see the classification of image using inception v3 model and also look at how TensorFlow recognizes image using Python API and C++ API.  It becomes difficult for a computer to differentiate between images as it doesn’t function the way our brain does. The […]

TensorFlow – MNIST Dataset and Softmax Regression   Recently updated !

1.Objective You now know how to start a session in TensorFlow and some basic programming associated with it. Today, we’ll be learning how to use the MNIST dataset in TensorFlow as a reference while training a network for image classification of handwritten digits. Moreover, you will be getting to know Softmax Regression, how to implement MNIST Dataset in TensorFlow. Here, we will learn how to create a function that is a model for recognizing handwritten digits by looking at each […]

TensorFlow MNIST Dataset


TensorBoard Tutorial: TensorFlow Visualization Tool

1. TensorBoard Tutorial Today, in this article “TensorBoard Tutorial: TensorFlow Visualization Tool”, we will be looking at the term TensorBoard and will get a clear understanding about what is TensorBoard, Set-up for TensorBoard, Serialization in TensorBoard. Moreover, we will discuss the launching of TensorBoard. At last, we will study different types of Dashboards in TensorBoard. So, let’s begin TensorBoard Tutorial. Tensorflow Pros and Cons – The Bright and the Dark Side 2. What is TensorBoard? Your work may involve some computations, […]

How to Install TensorFlow Quickly and Easily

1. Install Tensorflow Today we will be looking at the TensorFlow installation in your system and with that, you will be learning how to install Tensorflow. So let’s get started. Before getting started with Tensorflow Installation it is important to note that TensorFLow has been tested in 64-bit versions and with Ubuntu 16.04 or higher. Before you install TensorFlow in your system, it is important to know which kind of installation is best suited for your need. You should choose […]

TensorFlow API Documentation

TensorFlow API Documentation | Use Of TensorFlow API

1. Objective In this article, you’ll be learning about TensorFlow API. Since the launch of TensorFlow in computing arena has grown to be a major player in machine learning scene. An early perception of TensorFlow was that its API was quite low level. When TensorFlow was released as open source it was still in beta phase and by now the development of TensorFlow API is almost stable and now you can see a bunch of stable low-level API’s in the […]