Best Apache Avro Books to Learn Avro

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Today, in this Apache Avro Tutorial, we will discuss Avro Books. While it comes to learn about Avro in little more depth, either we can use Avro Books or the official site. So, in this article, we will learn which is the available Books on Avro or resources we have for Apache Avro.

So, let’s start exploring Avro Books.

Best Apache Avro Books

Below, we are discussing top Apache Avro Books:

a. Apache Avro Paperback by Ronald Cohn & Jesse Russell

Apache Avro Paperback

This book explains that a remote procedure call and serialization framework developed within Apache’s Hadoop project is what we call Avro.

In this Apache Avro book, we will learn about Apache Avro in detail. It contains High-Quality Content on Apache Avro. Though, for defining data types and protocols and serializing data in a compact binary format, Avro uses JSON.

Also, this book covers information on serialization format for persistent data, as well as a wire format for communication between Hadoop nodes. However, that is a primary use of Avro in Hadoop which is covered in the book in detail. Basically, using print-on-demand technology, this book was created. Anyone who wants to learn about Avro can refer to this book.

b. Hadoop: The Definitive Guide by Tom White

Haddop: The Definitive Guide

It covers all recent changes to Hadoop which involves serialization (including Avro).

Apart from the first book on Avro, this book also explains Avro in detail. So, you can also refer to this book to learn about Avro in detail. Moreover, you’ll learn how to build and maintain reliable, scalable, distributed systems with Apache Hadoop through this comprehensive guide.

Basically, those who want to analyze datasets of any size, or also those who want to set up and run Hadoop clusters, for those programmers or administrators this book is an ideal choice. So, we can surely say, by this book, you will learn two data formats, and one of them is Avro for data serialization.


3. By Tyler Akidau, Slava Chernyak, and Reuven Lax, “Streaming Systems: The What, Where, When, and How of Large-Scale Data Processing”:

Several facets of large-scale data processing, including Apache Beam, Apache Flink, and Apache Avro, are covered in this book. It explores Avro’s data compatibility and schema evolution properties, which are essential for comprehending Avro’s applicability in practical streaming applications.

4. Jimmy Lin and Chris Dyer’s “Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce”:

This book presents Avro as a means of data transmission across MapReduce jobs even though its primary concentration is on text processing with MapReduce. For individuals attempting to comprehend Avro in the context of large data processing, it is a useful resource.

Summary: Avro Books

Hence, in this Avro Books article, we saw 2 best Books for Apache Avro. These Books on Avro will definitely help you to find high-Quality Content on Apache Avro.

Still, if you have any queries or feedback related to the article, you can enter in the comment section. You can also suggest some books for learning Apache Avro to add in the article.

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