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Introduction to Apache Flink – A Quickstart Tutorial 4

1. Objective In this tutorial we will discuss the introduction to Apache Flink, What is Flink, Why and where to use Flink. This Flink tutorial will answer the question why Apache Flink is called 4G of Big Data? The tutorial also briefs about Flink APIs and features. 2. Video Tutorial 3. Introduction to Apache Flink Apache Flink is an open source platform which is a streaming data flow engine that provides communication, fault-tolerance, and data-distribution for distributed computations over data streams. Flink is a […]


How to Install Ubuntu on VMware Player 1

1. Objective This guide will explain how to create a virtual machine and how to install Ubuntu on VMWare player. VMWare player provides virtualization framework using which we can create virtual machines and share the resources of the physical host machine. Apart from this, we can install guest OS for the requirements which cannot be fulfilled using host OS. Alternatively, you can create virtual machine and install Ubuntu using Oracle Virtual Box 2. How to Install Ubuntu on VMware Player Follow […]

Difference Between Classroom Training & Online Training

Objective This guide will answer the questions like difference between online training and classroom training, which one is best suited for you, how learning is revolutionised with live online training, what are issues with conventional classroom training and online training, what are the offerings provided by online/virtual-classroom training which cannot be provided by classroom training With the rapid evolution in technology, mode of education has changed a lot. From traditional classroom learning, people have started switching to online virtual training […]

Classroom vs Online Training

Virtual Box Installation Guide

1. Objective The below tutorial will help you to easily install Virtual Box on the host OS installed on your machine. In Virtual Box we can easily run a number of guest operating systems depending upon your hardware configurations. Virtual Box saves system’s memory by configuring a number of OS on it, rather than individually installing them. And we can also install a number of setups and services on it. 2. Download Link You can download the latest version of […]