Difference Between Classroom Training & Online Training


This guide will answer the questions like difference between online training and classroom training, which one is best suited for you, how learning is revolutionised with live online training, what are issues with conventional classroom training and online training, what are the offerings provided by online/virtual-classroom training which cannot be provided by classroom training

With the rapid evolution in technology, mode of education has changed a lot. From traditional classroom learning, people have started switching to online virtual training these days.

Difference Between Classroom Training & Online Training

Difference Between Classroom Training & Online Training

At first time several questions come in mind regarding online training like how online training is taken, whether I will be able to attend it and learn through it, how will I be able to do practicals, how will I interact with the instructor and so on. Let’s see some of the key features of online training and difference between classroom verses online training.

Online learning is very flexible. When we think of learning online, asynchronous activities such as presentations and quizzes appears in mind first. But there is another side to online learning and that’s the live, synchronous element.
In some ways, live online classes are similar to traditional classroom training where a teacher presents information and interact with people in real time but in other ways, there are some major differences between the two. Let’s try to understand them.
Classroom vs Online Training

FeaturesClassroom LearningOnline Learning
Best suited forCollege students pursuing graduationIndustry professionals
Ultimate objectiveLearningJob readiness
Type of learningTraditional method of learningvirtual classroom / live online learning
Placement assistanceNegligibleFrom resume to interview preparation
Course Access durationAccess is limited to duration of course, usually 1-2 monthsUnlimited, Lifetime Access
InstructorsLocal instructor is hired for providing training. He might not be the best in the industryBest instructor is selected from pan country to provide best education to students
Instructor ExpertiseUsually freelancers are hired, as working professionals don’t have time to travel to provide classroom trainingExperts working in leading industries are hired, who can share their real-life experience
Training levelTrainings are conducted at basic theoretical levelAs provided by industry experts the level of training is very high. Practicals and real-life use cases are covered in great details
Quality of ProjectsSimple, standard copy book data setsReal-life industry use case with live data sets
Convenience levelLess convenient as need to travel even after tough schedule or may miss things if you need to travel or busy with jobMost convenient as classes can be taken from comfort of your home or even while travelling without missing anything
Pace of learningVery rigid system, scheduled classesCompletely customized, as per your needs
Doubt clearanceDependent on instructor and no assistance after the courseApart from instructor, support team is available to resolve all your doubts
Training from Future perspectiveSessions are not recorded. So revision in future becomes difficult unless notes are properly maintained in hard copySessions are recorded to view in future
Study MaterialNeed to be prepared by students when instructor is teaching. Anything missed during classes is lost forever.Students are provided course recordings and complete study material which are convenient in handling for future reference
Missed SessionsIf a session is missed, it will be very difficult to understand next session. There is no way to attend missed sessionIf a session is missed, you can watch recording before the next session. Also you can attend missed session in batch running in parallel
Time utilizationMore time is wasted as need to travel daily to attend classesMore time saving as can be attended from anywhere at scheduled time
Level of individual attentionNo limit to number of students which provides limited individual attentionLimited number of candidates in a batch which helps in greater  individual attention
Guidance to StudentsLess likely to cover in personalized form, often becomes more of general discussion;Very personalized and focused guidance is given to individuals for their work
Types of media usedTraditional teaching tools are used such as blackboard writing,, etcModern teaching tools are used, such as multimedia, animation, 3D modelling, images, graphs etc.
Training scheduleSchedule is fixed and pre-decidedSchedule can be flexible, according to the needs of both teacher and students.
Class durationClass duration is fixed and usually not extendable, as the next class waits to use the classroom.Class duration is easily extendable as per the convenience of students
Variety of studentsStudents generally fall within a similar age, profession, or academic background in classroom trainingStudent composition may vary greatly in age, profession, academic background and places as it is taken by students across the globe at same time
Class typeClasses are typically teacher–driven and teacher-centric.Virtual classrooms allow students more freedom to create, experiment, explore and steer the class.
Learning environmentLearning environment can be dull to maintain discipline in the classLearning environment can be stimulating and fun. Different tools allow the teacher to easily control the training
CollaborationCollaboration of Teacher and students takes place in physical classroom.Collaboration of Teachers and students is online via audio, video, and text chat.
Students evaluationTests and manually-graded assignments are used for evaluation which is Time-consuming.Online tests, live quiz, practical assignments  are conducted for evaluation which results in quick and accurate results
Interaction between instructor and studentsInteractive Face to Face trainingInteractive via web conferencing


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