Gopal’s Big Data Triumph – A story worth reading

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How to become a big data engineer
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‘To achieve big, we need to work hard’ – says Gopal 

Gopal Bag is a Big Data Engineer at Axis Bank. Prior to joining Axis Bank, he was a Senior Software Engineer at Affinity Pvt. Ltd. This is a success story in which Gopal will tell us about his hark work to switch his career and his journey to become a Big Data Engineer.

Gopal's path for Big Data Career

I am sharing my story of what it means to me to be a Data Engineer at Axis Bank and exactly how I pushed myself to be in that position.

I have always loved computers and my interest in technology continued throughout my early life. I was always a go-to person for computer-related stuff in my family. When I was in school, I remember noticing a group of IT people working on our school’s computer systems and amazed that this could actually be a job. It looked like a way to much fun.

How it began

I eventually did find myself in the IT industry after completing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.
Then I started working in Affinity Global advertisement Pvt. Ltd. and have had a pretty career of writing codes and software for eight years.

Fascinated by technology and data, I thought to upgrade my career.

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Why did I want to become a Big Data Engineer?

I moved ahead and researched top Big Data job roles because big data is the only field that is highly secured in the future and matches my interests. After studying it, I found Big Data Engineer is a fit job for me.

In general, it is about helping the organization get value out of their data. A Big Data Engineer is responsible for the development, maintenance, and testing of Big Data applications, data-marts and large scale processing systems. They are also responsible for the creation of data set processes used in modeling, mining, acquisition, and verification. Building data processing systems with Hadoop and Hive using Java or Python should be common knowledge to a data engineer. The entry level salary of a Big Data Engineer is INR 8.5 lakhs per year.

How I became a Big Data Engineer?

Now, I felt a need to learn new technologies under Big Data to achieve the position of a Big Data Engineer. So, the next step I took is enrolled myself for a Big Data, Hadoop and Spark course in DataFlair. I found amazing reviews of DataFlair during my research on Data Engineer.

DataFlair Training Experience

With confidence and perseverance, I started with the training sessions. The course, study material, and the trainer in DataFlair were excellent. The pattern of teaching by the trainer was simple and had practical examples for every concept. With the help of more than 500 tutorials on the websites along with quiz and interview questions, I started preparing for the interview.

The best part of the training was the assignments and projects allotted by the trainer. It developed my knowledge of the technologies and my ability to solve real-life cases. Another best part was the doubt clearing session by the trainer. He was there from start to end to answer my questions and queries.

Things to know about the Big Data Engineer Interview

Then came the time when I sat for the interview. There was only one thing in my mind i.e. the post of Big Data Engineer.

In the process, there were a total of two technical rounds and one HR.

In the technical rounds, the questions they asked were mainly about HDFS, Hive, Sqoop, and Spark. Some questions were based on file formats and optimization techniques used in Hive and Spark.

In the HR round, all the questions were focused on the technologies I used and the role of those technologies in the project.

The superb training, the mock interview sessions, my project, and my hard work gave me the career I wanted.
Yes, I cracked the interview and found a place in Axis Bank as a Big Data Engineer with a 30% hike in the salary.
Today, I am working on multiple technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Sqoop, Oozie, and Linux.

What more I would have asked for?

DataFlair has given me what I desired. I feel overwhelmed by getting trained by such a talented instructor who is dedicated to turning dreams into reality.

I would like to advise the aspirants to believe in themselves, practice very hard and just follow your trainer’s instructions. The most important thing for you is to choose the right trainer. If you ask me, I would only take a single name i.e. DataFlair. It is one-stop for all the Big Data technologies.

So start getting smarter and better with DataFlair. Choose the courses before its too late.

Good Luck 🙂

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