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“Thanks DataFlair. You helped me a lot to convert my dream into reality – Says Fazle, A Big Data Consultant”

Meet Mr. F H Khan, who became a Big Data Consultant in L&T Technologies after learning Big data from DataFlair and recently got promoted as a technical lead. He was a software engineer before this.

We have asked him some questions about his strategies and career-building in Big Data. Read the complete story to know what changed his life and how he became a big data consultant.

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Was Big Data your only choice for a career change?

Yes! Big Data was and will always be my first choice whenever I am talking about a career in the world of technologies.


Well, I can give you a long answer to this but the perfect answer to why I chose it is - Big Data is the future and everybody wants a growing and secure future. So, why not me?

When I took a look at the industry I was searching for something that industry needed. And at every point, I found Big Data. I started reading and soon Big Data grabbed my interest. It is a bundle of career opportunities where you will never face any trouble. These observations were enough for me to make it the only choice for my career.

What was the incident that forced you to switch career in Big Data?

I was looking for a career change because I wanted to keep up with where the IT industry is moving. Also, I was not enjoying my job and felt a need that I should use my skills and hard work in any other technology. Work which not only provides me a good salary but can make my future.

Then I decided to make a switch.

I did some research and found the Big Data and Hadoop as the new trend. I spoke with a few people and asked for their advice. Then I decided to move on to Big Data.

How did you come to know about DataFlair?

As I decided to learn Big Data, the next question was how? How to learn Big Data?

I started searching for the online institutes as this was the only way I can learn by continuing my current job.

While searching for the best training institute, I reached DataFlair. There I read students' reviews, went through their study material and found it useful. I checked that the website does not contain any promotional advertisements or fake promises. All this convinced me to learn from DataFlair. I cleared all my doubts about the course and enrolled for Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, and Scala Course.

What did you get from DataFlair?

Frankly speaking, I got a solution for my career at DataFlair.

The teaching pattern of DataFlair is best. The institution covered all the topics related to Hadoop and Big Data. DataFlair made me proficient in Hadoop Ecosystem Components such as HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Flume, ZooKeeper. Also, the instructor always explained with real-life scenarios and helped to deal with live Hadoop projects.

I attended a mock interview session. Along with this, the DataFlair discussion forum helped me a lot. Finally, I got confidence, new skills, and experience.

What were the interview questions asked during your Big Data Interview?

Some questions from my interview -

Q.1 Tell me about yourself and recent Big Data project that you have worked.
Q.2 Explain the architecture of the Big Data project and areas where you have contributed.
Q.3 Questions on HBase, Hive & Sqoop as those were the areas you have contributed like about Hive UDFs, custom Hive UDFs modifications?
Q.4 What are the different kinds of Hive tables used and what was the motivation behind it?
Q.5 Explain incremental data transfer using Sqoop?
Q.6 What are the commands for creating and loading data into Hive tables?
Q.7 Questions based on MapReduce, HDFS, and Yarn

DataFlair not only taught me the concept of Big Data but also helped to crack my interview.

Could you provide some interview tips for other students?

Sure! Here are some tips which I followed -

  • Have a clear understanding of Hadoop concepts/implementations along with the various ecosystems that are available.
  • Make yourself aware of commonly used commands and configuration.
  • Make use of the DataFlair discussion forum to quickly revise concepts before the interview.
  • The course material provided by Data Flair is sufficient to get a clear understanding of Big Data concepts.
  • Use Hadoop-The Definitive Guide to enhance your knowledge & concepts.

All these helped me to crack the Big Data Consultant Interview.

If you are planning to make a career in Big Data, I recommend you to learn it from industry veterans. Then only it will become easier for you to master it.

After FH Khan, it’s your turn to choose the best course from DataFlair and build your career in Big Data -

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