Download Python Chatbot Data & Project Source Code

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Python Chatbot Project Code & Dataset

Today chatbots are everywhere, they are improving efficiency. Chatbot reduces the dependence on humans and can smartly answer the questions in real-time.

A chatbot is an intelligent piece of software that is capable of communicating and performing actions similar to a human. Chatbots are used a lot in customer interaction, marketing on social network sites, and instant messaging the client. There are two basic types of chatbot models based on how they are built; Retrieval based and Generative based models.

Project: Python Chatbot

Category: Machine Learning

Programming Language: Python

Tools & Libraries: Keras, Tensorflow, NLTK

Front End: Python – Tkinter

Back End: Python

Prerequisites: Python, Machine Learning

Intended Audience: Education, Developers, Data Scientists,


Chatbot Project Code & Dataset Download

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