Download Android Tic Tac Toe Project Source Code

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Simple Tic Tac Toe Android App Project

Learn how to create a simple tic tac toe app in android studio. This is a good android project for beginners, as it will increase your ability to apply logic while you’re coding.

Android is a mobile operating system. As we know the demand for Android phones is growing exponentially, the number of Android phone users has grown in abundance over the last decade. Due to this exponential growth android has become the hottest technology for technocrats. Freshers, as well as experienced professionals, are looking forward to boost their profile with this ever-growing technology.

Category: Android, Mobile computing

Programming Language: Java

Tools & Libraries: NA

IDE: Android Studio

Front End: XML, Java

Back End: NA

Prerequisites: Java, XML, Android studio

Intended Audience: Education, Developers, Android developers

Simple Tic Tac Toe Android App Project Code Download

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