How Yashwant build his career as a Big Data Developer

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Steps to become a big data developer
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“If you can dream it, you can do it. My Journey Into Big Data” ~ Yashwant

Quite a number of people have asked me about my career in Big Data. How did I do it? When did I do it? Why did I do it? I felt today was a befitting day to answer these questions as it marks some years since I enrolled myself for my first programming course. I hope sharing my story would give some insight into what I did to become a Big Data Engineer.

Yashwant Chandrakar, Big Data Engineer at Accenture.

The Big Data Adventure

Before I came to know about Big Data (I literally had no idea about this amazing thing), I was a developer working with an MNC. It would have been a pretty life and job for people but I had some other dreams. I needed to find out a new route. I spoke to my friends and also researched on Google and discovered that “Big Data Analytics” is a demanding field these days. A deeper study about it convinced me to choose it as a career option. It was obvious that in order to make my career in Big Data Analytics, I have to devote substantial time to learning it. I found that,
“Big Data is the future but using it is the toughest part.”

Therefore, I searched for a training program that can make my big data learning smooth and then I learnt about DataFlair. It is one of the best institutions dedicated to teaching Data Analytics to the candidates. DataFlair had a pretty comprehensive curriculum and an impressive set of trainers. I was convinced that this was the career I wanted, I finally enrolled in DataFlair for Big Data, Hadoop, Spark and Scala Course.

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The Challenges

The challenge was to engage in a variety of new subjects that were all new for me. Though I had pursued an engineering degree, I was never interested in numbers and technology. When I joined the program, the scope and range of the course were big with subjects such as distributed storage & processing, advanced MapReduce, Hive, Flume, etc. along with next-gen tools like Spark.

Life at DataFlair

The training program at DataFlair was intense and combines lectures with case studies, assignments, projects, and quizzes. The instructor had provided the candidates with excellent content presentations and practical lab sessions. This was both interesting and challenging at a time. He had an enormous amount of practical and real-time knowledge that he shared with us throughout the training sessions. With the support of the instructor and by solving various projects, I got confidence over the new subjects. Now, Big Data is not tough for me to deal with.

The Job Interview

As soon as I get myself well prepared with Big Data technologies like Hadoop & Spark ecosystem, I started applying for interviews. Therefore, I gave extra time to prepare for the interview with the help of interview questions and quizzes provided by DataFlair.

“some people dream of success while others just wake up and work.”

I appeared for an interview at Accenture. The interview was conducted on a technical basis. Below are a few questions related to big data technologies, asked by the interviewer.

Questions asked:

  • What are DataSets and RDD?
  • What is the difference between MapReduce and Spark?
  • Why we need Spark?
  • What is the higher order function?
  • Explain why we need HOF?
  • What is ClassTag?
  • What are case classes?

I was able to answer every question to the best of my knowledge.

Till the results were announced I was praying to get this job but in between, I continued applying for big data jobs at other companies as well. I got rejected in a few as they had a requirement for more experience but I was extremely glad when I came to know that, I was selected in Accenture as a Big Data Engineer. Finally, I was able to make it.


After getting the training and finally getting my dream job, I got a feeling that I really have a powerful tool in my hand and in my mind. The training gave me a mental strength which made me realize that I can work as a Big Data Engineer. Nowadays I am able to relate everything with Big Data and how Big Data plays a vital role in every aspect of life.

I would like to thank the trainer for such fruitful training. I am more than satisfied with choosing DataFlair as my training institute. DataFlair had certainly played a critical role in setting me up for a sustained career in Big Data.

In the end, I would like to advice all the aspirants who want to build a career in Big Data. Join DataFlair, I am sure you won’t get anything better than this.

Buckle up and start today with the super excellent Big Data, Hadoop and Spark course. Enroll now and shape your career with expert knowledge.

Good Luck 🙂

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