My story of becoming a Big Data Engineer – Live your Dream!

How she became a big data engineer
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‘I Never Only Dreamed About It, I Worked For It’ – says Vigya

Meet Vigya Chaturvedi, an aspiring Big Data Engineer who has a desire to succeed and a zeal to conquer new challenges in the world of technology. Let us take a walk through her journey by her own words -

I am a software engineer with a never-ending love with software and technology. I get excited when anybody around me talks about any emerging technology. In the year 2015, I heard about robotics and drones that blew my mind. I mean, a drone that looks like an electric toy can do multiple tasks that can help industries to advance their work and make informed decisions.

It is always my dream to become versatile in new technologies. ‘I Never Only Dreamed About It, I Worked For It.’ So from PS4 to robotics, I use to study about every technology that comes into the market picture.

My last job was at Infogain as a software engineer. I used to work in mobile testing which later seemed very monotonous to me. I felt tedious with the same work and wanted to upskill my knowledge with the latest technology but I had no clue about one.

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How did I come to know about Big Data?

On a fine coffee break in office, I discovered that one of our past colleagues have recently become a Big Data Engineer (one of the sexiest job). Now I got a clue about this trending technology.

Big Data Analytics, with this you can always stay a step ahead. Also, the use of Big Data by the companies is enhancing every year.

So, out of curiosity, I tried to speak to him about his journey towards becoming a Big Data Engineer. After learning from him, I constructed a procedure to build a road to my success.

My strategy to become a Big Data Engineer

Would you like me to tell you my formula for success?

‘Determination and DataFlair’

The first thing that can lead you to what you wanted is hardcore dedication and determination towards it. Therefore, I believed in my choice and started working on it efficiently. The other formula was in the form of a training institute that I got in DataFlair.

Initially, I attended a few preview training sessions and found Dataflair best among them. So, to get every piece of information about Big Data, I enrolled for a Big Data, Hadoop, Spark and Scala Course with DataFlair.

As soon as I started my training, I found it really comfortable because, in DataFlair, they provide you every possible support. The instructor had an amazing teaching style and was enthusiastic about his work.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

The content in the course and the way everything was described seems perfect to me. The lectures, assignments, and projects given by the instructor were a great learning. Along with this, mock interview sessions were conducted to prepare the candidates for job interviews. They also allotted Big Data projects at the end of the training which gave the candidates practical knowledge through the real cases.

Interview Experience

The next step was to appear in a job interview conducted by Informatica for the post of Big Data Engineer. After coming so far with the DataFlair, I was confident to perform well in the interview.

There were 3 rounds-

  • First-round was focused on Big Data Ecosystem and its use cases.
  • Second round was focused on a deep knowledge about Hive/Hbase.
  • Third round was all about Selenium Automation.

The questions asked by the interviewer were based on MapReduce architecture.

I gave each answer effectively because the trainer delivered the best explanation on MapReduce during my training.
Then comes the moment of joy, when I came to know that I got the job with a 71% hike in salary.

Today, I am a Big Data Engineer in a renowned company working with Hadoop and MapReduce.

So, this is how I lived my journey towards Big Data.

Big Data is a field that will continue to play an important role in the future. It is a world where people can work smarter and more efficiently. So, if you are planning a career in Big Data, just go for it and then you will have a long-lasting and safe career.

Plan your journey with DataFlair for the best quality training from the experts. Select one of its best courses on Big Data and Hadoop.

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