Dreams Do Come True – How Veeresh Transformed into a Big Data Expert

Veeresh Success Story
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“Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams, achieve it with DataFlair – Says Veeresh”

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Veeresh, the dreamer of his success story. He was working in TCS as a system engineer. He switched to Cognizant as a Hadoop developer with 40% hike in his salary. A few days ago, he dreamed to become a Big Data Expert and now his dream is converted into reality.

Excited how he transformed his career into Big Data? Let's find out -

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Humble Beginnings

Veeresh worked as a system engineer, and he was not very satisfied with his job. So, he decided to make a switch- a career switch. He had many questions in mind. What technology would be the best for him? What difficulties would he face? He had many more questions like these. So, he took a deep breath and hit Google. After searching for a while, he found "Big Data" suited him best. He chose Big Data because there is a high demand for Big Data professionals and companies pay well for skilled ones. Not only this, but Big Data will also survive long in the industry as a lot of data is generated on a day to day basis. So, there surely is a good future in this technology. After all this research, becoming a Big Data Expert was the only dream Veeresh had. Veeresh says -

When I decided to switch my career in Big Data, I was nervous, what if I didn't understand the concepts of Big Data, who would be the best guide for me? All these questions were there in my mind. After a lot of research on Big Data and its benefits, I was prepared and started learning Big Data. I needed a guide for Big Data, for this I scanned many websites, read Google and Quora reviews and I found DataFlair as the best site to learn Big Data and Hadoop.

What was his first step toward upskilling himself?

If you are passionate about your dream, then you will surely find a way to achieve it. Veeresh had a passion for learning Big Data and Hadoop, so he found a way and that was DataFlair. He took a step ahead, enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark Course. After enrolling for the course, DataFlair provided him guidance and paved for him an easy Hadoop career path.

-he says

As I had to upskill myself, I needed to work on the right skills and for that, I enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark course provided by DataFlair, that was my first step toward success. At DataFlair, I learned many things which were not possible for me to learn through Google. They provided me the best instructor, he answered all my questions. He helped me a lot.

How DataFlair helped him in learning Big Data

DataFlair provided him a well-designed course that covers all the topics related to Big Data, Hadoop and its ecosystem. Also, the instructor answered all his questions, assigned many projects and assessments so that he could have hands-on experience with Big Data. Along with this, we prepared him for the interview through our mock interview sessions. Let's hear it from Veeresh -

DataFlair proved to be the right choice for learning Big Data and Hadoop. Here I got the chance to learn from the best instructor, he has an amazing knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop which I saw in the training sessions. Tes best of the training is the projects and assessments allotted to us. That proved helped when I was in the interview. Also, they gave the training how to answer a question in the interview. DataFlair played a major role in my Hadoop learning. The best institute I have ever seen with such a supportive team.

His Experience in the Interview

Veeresh faced 2 technical rounds and cracked them. Questions were from the technologies mentioned in his resume - Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, Big Data, Scala.

My interview was quite tough, but I was prepared for this so cracked it easily. Before going for the interview, I watched the videos twice given by DataFlair and revise all the notes that helped me to answer the questions asked during the interview.

In the end, I would like to thank DataFlair for their support. They turned my dream into reality. Today, I am a Big Data Expert; DataFlair served as the ladder up to it. If you guys are planning to transform your career in Big Data then do it now with DataFlair.

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