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Sonal Saxena Success Story
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“I took a challenge to transform my career from SQL to Big Data; got placed and scored 100% hike. The full credit for my success goes to DataFlair. – Says Sonal”

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If you are planning to switch your career in Big Data, it is the right time and the perfect place for you - quotes Sonal

Sonal was from an SQL background and didn't have much exposure in the technical field; he worked at TCS for 6 years with Linux and the HCM tool. Now, he got the designation of Big Data Engineer at Luxoft with 100% hike. Before this, he was a student at DataFlair who took the Big Data Hadoop and Spark certification course that helped him to get the job easily.

Why he switched his career in Big Data

While working with SQL, Sonal felt a need to switch his career, because he was working with the technologies which were almost 2 decades old and slowly stagnating. He couldn't waste his effort and time in such a technology where the growth is limited. Then, he researched a lot, for the perfect technology to make his career bright. Through one of his friend, he got to know about Big Data, which suited perfectly for his career. Big Data has a good future growth as well as it will be a demanding skill in the IT world for many decades because the data generation will never stop. That's why he decided to make a switch in Big Data. Hear it in Sonal's words -

I felt insecure and anxious, as I was putting my efforts in such technologies (Linux, SQL) where there was no growth. After research, I decided to switch in Big Data. I chose Big Data because it is the growing technology and will stay in demand for a long time. So, it could make my future bright. I decided to make my career in Big Data.

He started learning Big Data and Hadoop through the available online resources on the Internet; he learned them for 1 year, but he was unsure about how to bring everything together to build an application. For that, he searched for the institution that could provide the best Big Data and Hadoop guidance. He found DataFlair, as the perfect institute for learning Big Data and Hadoop. He enrolled for our Big Data Hadoop and Spark Course. With us, he started his journey of transforming the career into Big Data. He worked hard on projects and assessments given by DataFlair, to grab the hands-on experience.

-he says

I know too little about Big Data and was not very sure how to make an application by connecting all the things together. For learning Hadoop and Big Data, I joined DataFlair and it proved a beneficial decision for me. I enrolled for Big Data Hadoop and Spark course and started learning Big Data. DataFlair provided me a well-structured course curriculum that helped me to learn the basics and advanced concepts easily. Also, the team has excellent material and detailed documents for all the assignments that gave me hands-on experience. This helped me a lot in learning Big Data and taking a leap in my career.

Sonal's Strategy for Big Data Interview at Citi Bank

At DataFlair, Sonal was prepared to face any Big Data interview. He attended the mock interview sessions, completed his projects and assignments on time. He was very hard working and passionate about learning Hadoop and Big Data. That was one of the things which helped him to crack the interview. Let's see what Sonal said about his strategy -

DataFlair was my secret key to crack the Big Data interview in a go. The full credit for my success is to the instructor who helped in every possible manner. For cracking the interview, I attended the mock interview sessions and it really helped me during my interview. Along with this, I watched the videos given by DataFlair, which helped me remember everything. Then, I read some interview experiences at Quora and DataFlair, which boosted my confidence and I cracked the interview.

Big Data Interview Questions

Here is a list of Big Data Interview Questions asked at Citi Bank -

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Q.1 Give the difference between External table and Managed table in hive?

Q.2 Are there any problems which can only be solved by MapReduce and cannot be solved by PIG? In which kind of scenarios MR jobs will be more useful than PIG?

Q.3 What is OOZIE and what is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)?

Q.4 How to implement a UDF (user-defined function) in PIG?

Q.5 How to implement a UDF (user-defined function) in Hive?

Q.6 How can you set the number of mappers to be created?

Q.7 What is RecordReader?

Q.8 Tell us the difference between Tuple, Bag and Map in PIG.

Q.9 What are the execution modes available in PIG?

Q.10 What is the difference between Flume and Kafka?

Advice to others

If you really wish to make your career in Big Data, DataFlair is one stop destination for you. They will help you for completely transforming your career in Big Data.

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