My adventure towards Big Data Developer’s job – Success story by Shreyas

how to get a big data developer job
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“I dream for Big Data and DataFlair convert it into reality. A big thanks to the team. – Says Shreyas”

Meet Shreyas who got placed in Hashmap as a big data developer. He had spent 4-5 years in Java as a programmer analyst in Cognizant and after learning Big Data from DataFlair, he has completely transformed his career into big data.

Are you at the same stage where Shreyas was? If yes, then you must follow the path of Shreya's success. Explore his tour of Big Data.

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Why Shreyas Chose Big Data

Talking about my initial days I was a programmer analyst in Java in which I would have a slow career growth. I am very sincere about my career and goals. While working, I got to know about the latest cutting-edge technologies Big Data and Data Science. These are capturing the market like anything.

As I researched more about these hottest terms I recognized, “If I didn't jump in this world now, I will never be a part of it.”

I explored a lot of surveys, which clearly described the huge necessity of big data and data science professionals. Also, I found that companies are lacking with skilled professionals. This was the single sentence that forced me to choose Big Data as my career.

So, after taking the first step - I was ready to make a career switch from Java to Big Data. Now the big question in front of me was how?

  • Is it possible for me to learn Big data with my job?
  • How can I become a big data expert?
  • What to learn and from where to learn?

Many such questions were there in my mind and then I started to prepare a perfect plan for my complete journey towards Big Data.

DataFlair's Role

“Online training” the most suitable option to learn big data along with your current job. I explored and inquired for a lot of online training and then I chose DataFlair. It fitted best with all my requirements.

Without any delay, I enrolled for the Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, and Scala Course at DataFlair. And fortunately, it was the best decision of my life.

As I promised to myself to become an expert in Big Data technology, I was very excited and a little nervous to start learning it. Thankfully, the trainers I got were awesome.

Gradually, I became confident and learned all the basics of Big Data. I was ready to switch to the next step that was practical assignments and real-time projects. Trust me, this is the must-have and an interesting part of any online course.

I had already guided by my trainer not to miss this part. I attended all the sessions and test myself through mock interviews and the day came when I can proudly say that I have complete knowledge and hands-on experience of big data technology.

Big Data Interview Experience

The next and important step in becoming a big data developer is to crack the interview.

After my practice in the training, I was confident enough to face any type of interview. Here is my experience of the Big data Developer Interview -

I face two rounds the technical and HR round

In the technical round, the questions asked related to my projects and some technical questions based on Hadoop, Hive, Spark, and Scala.

Q.1 Tell me about your experience on Spark and Scala

Q.2 What is ClassTag

Q.3 What is tail recursion in Scala?

Q.4 What is the difference between RDD and dataframe? What dataframe contains.

Q.5 When stages are created?

Q.6 Explain about spark in memory and what are the options available?

Q.7 Questions on hash related data structures

Lastly, I cracked the interview and got the offer letter for the post of Big data developer at Hashmap.

I advise you all to practice the mock interviews as much as possible, DataFlair team will surely help with this. Along with the mock interviews, I practiced a lot of questions online based on big data and its technology.

Motivation for others

Once you have made a decision of becoming an expert then just go for it without a single thought. You need to choose your tools wisely, as I chose DataFlair and Big Data. If you want to become the next big data expert then trust me DataFlair is the only choice you can go for.

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