System Engineer to Big Data Expert with 100% hike – Shikha’s Story

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Shikha became Big data engineer
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“With Big Data my career became extraordinary –  says Shikha”

Shikha, one of our trainees from the previous year is joyously speaking about her splendid shift of career from system engineering to big data expert. Take a ride of her journey:

“The value of an idea lies in using it.”

In light of the above inspirational quote, I would like to share how I found my idea of having a successful career in Big Data.

What motivates Shikha to learn Big Data?

I grew up looking at my elder sister who made her career and life in such a way that one can only dream for. She is a Big Data Architect in Tata Consultancy Services, Kolkata. She has more than 10 years of corporate experience. Currently, she leads the teams that are involved in building complex databases for the companies and the public. For me, she is my first ideal and role model for the employees in the company.

Fascinated by my sister’s life, I eventually built an interest in Big Data as I know what growth potential it has in the future. While I was working in Tata Consultancy Services for 3 years as a System Engineer, a 100% hike in the salary was just a dream for me. Later I planned to work on it and took a Big Data project to excel my knowledge. I found that I am not able to give my best in the project and need to upskill my knowledge in Big Data. The project was based on Hadoop technology about which I had a need to know more to connect with the project.

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Shikha's Big Data Learning

I asked for a piece of advice from my sister. (No one can give you better advice than your role model) She asked me to start learning about Big Data and Hadoop from the institute she really trusts on. Soon after knowing about it from her, I enrolled for Big Data, Hadoop and Spark course at DataFlair.

Initially, I thought it would be difficult to attend 2-3 hours of training after work but the sessions were so interactive that I enjoyed it. The team of instructors was very proactive and was there to help the candidates in any way. The instructor had expertise in the course and he trained me so well that in no time I started doing well in my project. At DataFlair, they use to motivate the candidates for each stair of their future by giving numerous examples.

The Interview Phase

After completing my training, I decided to move towards achieving my dream. I appeared in an interview which was conducted by Deloitte. I performed adequately well in the interview and got a job as a consultant in Deloitte with a 100% hike. (Still feels like a dream) Let me tell you, What happened in the interview.

The interview was divided into 4 rounds. In the first round, an Online Test was conducted wherein multiple questions were there about Apache Hadoop and Spark.

The second round was a Technical Interview, in which they asked about Hive, Spark and the big data project. In the third round questions regarding Project Management were asked. In the last round, the HR discussed salary and work.

The questions that were asked throughout the 4 rounds are as follows:

  • Explain everything about your Big Data project?
  • What quality checks you are doing in your Big Data project?
  • Questions about partitioning, bucketing and Windowing functions.
  • Questions about Hadoop architecture, Replication factor, file formats.
  • They gave a few queries to write about Hive.
  • Basic questions about Spark, mainly Spark-SQL.

At present, I am having 3.6 years of corporate experience and currently, I am working on multiple technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, PHP(Web-Development), HTML, CSS, and JS.

Words for Others

The determination to learn and the motivation from my sister and DataFlair has given the career I always wanted.
Thanks to DataFlair, a place where one can get lots of learning about Big Data Analytics.

At last, I would like to advise one thing to all the new aspirants. ‘If you follow the training sincerely and keep trying for opportunities, there is no power in the universe who can stop you from landing into your dream company.’

If I can get a 100% hike. There is nothing you can’t do.

Go shape your life the way you always dream of. Let DataFlair hold your back. Check out the latest Big Data Course at DataFlair and start learning it.

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