Can a Fresher make it in the World of Big Data? – Story of Shashank Yadav

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Shashank Suscess Story
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“Thanks DataFlair. You helped me a lot in making a bright future in this Big Data world Says Shashank”

Later means never. Do it now. 

Let's find why Shashank thinks so?

Meet Shashank - Engineer in Prescient Health Group. He recently joined the company after clearing tough Big Data and Hadoop Interviews.

What was Shashank Before This?

A student similar to you with some knowledge of Python and very little of Big Data tools. Hear it from Shashank -

"Data is the most valuable resource in the World." This is the sentence which excited me to learn Big Data. I was a Big Data fresher and wanted to learn it. I knew every company requires people with Big Data skills. I jumped into this and today, I achieved my success and it is possible only with the help of DataFlair.

If you get the chance, grab it.

So when he decided to make a career in Big Data, he started his inquiry for learning Big Data skills. He searched for many organizations who trained Big Data students; through the reviews, he found DataFlair. After finding the course details satisfying, he enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop course.

Before joining DataFlair, I had inquired at many other Big Data Training institutes, but didn't get the satisfaction. Somehow, I found reviews from previous students and those assured me to trust DataFlair. I enrolled for the certified Hadoop and Spark course and the things which I learned are for the lifetime.

-he says

Once Shashank completed his course, he started applying for jobs at multiple companies. Very soon, he got a call and his interview was scheduled. How did the interview go? Shashank shares a few Big Data interview tips for freshers which will surely help other students as well.

How Did My Interview Go?

After attending the mock interview session and completing the projects given by DataFlair, I applied for different companies and got a good response. I went in for an interview and there, I faced two rounds - a technical and an HR round.

The technical round revolved mostly around the things written on my resume.

Big Data Interview Questions for Freshers

Q.1 Tell me about yourself.

Technology is evolving rapidly!
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Q.2 How did Apache Flume help you?

Q.3 Tell me about the sentiment analysis that you've performed.

Q.4 I have 5 million HTTP requests incoming per minute with certain IP addresses. Tell me a solution for this if I wish to analyze the number and type of requests from a region?

Tips for Preparing for Big Data Interview

Tip 1- Prepare a good resume because it's the only thing that gives the interviewer many questions to ask. You can answer based on your resume.

Tip 2 - Mention the projects you did.

Tip 3 - Be abreast with the Big Data trends.

Tip 4 - Before going for the interview, revise all the concepts.

I am completely satisfied with the training provided by DataFlair. The training was nicely structured and the course covered all the important topics that could be asked in any interview. Also, I liked the thing that the trainer always explained the topics with practical examples. Thank you DataFlair for helping me in my success.

I want to tell all the other students- especially the freshers: don't wait for the perfect time; do it with confidence and you will achieve success.

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  1. Abhijeet says:

    Inspirational, I am feeling motivated and now work harder to start the career in Big Data, hope will get similar success.
    Thanks for sharing your Big Data interview experience.

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