HR Executive to Big Data Developer, Nothing is Impossible – Story of Satendra

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Satendra Success Story

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“I knew nothing about Big Data before I join DataFlair. It opened up a new world for me. DataFlair changed my career.” – Says Satendra

Are you from a non-technical background?

Do you want to make a career in Big Data and need guidance?

If you say yes to these questions, then you might be wondering whether is it possible for non-IT Professionals (HR/ BPO/ Support/ CRM/ QA) to carve their career and join the hottest technology - Big Data. If you have such questions in your mind then this success story of Mr. Satendra will help you in taking the right decision about your career. Also, after reading Satendra's entire story, you will no longer be confused about your career.

Meet Satendra - Who worked in the HR field for 2 years, after completing his graduations in Computer Science. Now, he is a Big Data Developer with a 60% hike in his salary working on real-time analytics and machine learning. A drastic change from HR to Big Data.

Where It All Began

After the completion of his bachelor's degree in computer science, he started working in HR. There, he would fill requirements for Big Data professionals. This was the first time he heard the term Big Data. He was excited to know more about Big Data, so he Googled it and read about it all night long. He says -

When I was working as an HR executive, my manager told me that we have requirement of Big data developer and this is your work to fill all the vacant positions with the skilled Big Data professionals. Don't know why but before doing this I just thought of what Big Data is. I Google it, just for the eagerness. Then I got to know that Big Data is the latest technology and most of the people and companies are moving forward in this. I was liking my job and not interested at all in coding, until and unless I touched Big Data. I learned the entire night about Big Data.

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Will Power Works

When Satendra was recruiting Big Data professionals, he hardly selected 5 to 7 questions from Google that he would ask the candidates. Then he interviewed those candidates with basics of Big data.

I asked the questions to them then I found not a single person was there who could answer all the questions. So, I noticed that there was a lack of people and more opportunities. At that time, I felt a spark in my body, why don't I try for Big Data. There was something which continuously pushing me to do some challenging. I started reading over the internet. After some time I found a perfect guide for Big Data and that was DataFlair.

What was the Role of DataFlair?

DataFlair always helps all the students. Satendra was one of them. Though when Satendra came to DataFlair, he was little confused about making a career in Big Data. He had many questions like how soon he will get the job in Big Data? Being from nontech background would Big Data companies accept him? DataFlair answered all his questions and make him confident enough to crack any Big Data interview. At last, we helped Satendra to set his career in Big Data. Hear it from Satendra -

When I enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark Certification course, I was very nervous, I had no technical exposure, didn't know any basic terminologies, but the Instructor has helped me like anything, he answered all my questions. The experience I gain was awesome. From the first day, they started giving small assessments and ranked the students accordingly that was very helpful for me. Not only this, the trainer helped each student so nicely that it cleared all the fundamentals of Big Data and Hadoop easily. DataFlair was there for me up until I found job in Big Data.

"DataFlair gave me a well-structured curriculum that covered everything I needed to learn"

How was His Experience in the Interview?

  • I was from a nontechnical background and that was the biggest weakness of mine in front of the interviewer. There were 3 rounds - 1 HR and 2 Technical. The first thing asked to me was coding, but thanks to DataFlair that they prepared me to face that situation.
  • Next, the questions were from Spark, MapReduce, Flume, Sqoop, AI, Opensource, Algorithm you have developed.
  • Also, the interviewer put hypothetical situations for which I was prepared in the training and mock interview sessions. So, I answered confidently.
  • There were questions from my project.
  • They put a wrong code in front of me and asked questions to that.

Tips for Cracking the Big Data Interview

  • Frame your resume smartly, many times interviews depends on your resume.
  • If you don't know the answer, tell them clearly.
  • Watch the videos given by DataFlair.
  • Be ready to face the project related questions.
  • There is no shortcut. Ask your doubt to the instructor, he will guide you in a right way.
  • Theory won't help until and unless you have not practiced it.

If you want to transform your career and want a good hike in your job with Big Data and Hadoop, then you must take the course right now. Soon you will be telling your success story to others. Thanks DataFlair.

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