Why He Made a Switch from Java to Big Data? – Story of Rahul

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Rahul Success Story
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“Develop a passion for learning, you will never cease to grow. I developed it for Big Data and completely transformed my career. Thanks to DataFlair – Says Rahul.”

Rahul - A very aspiring and hard working guy. From his graduation days, he decided to make his career as a developer. He finished his degree and placed as a technical consultant in Promantia Solutions. He has a lot of experience in Java, SQL, and PL/SQL. With time he acquired senior posts and settled his career in handling Java and SQL. Now, he switched to Big Data, working in JDA with 80% hike in his salary.

Excited to know his story from Java developer to a Big Data professional? Let's travel with us  -

Why did he switch to Big Data?

Initially, Rahul was very happy with the job and work he got. Later on, when technologies changed, he noticed a big gap between him and the technology. He always wanted to stand ahead in the industry with the updated skill. He got to know, that the Big Data is tomorrow's future. If you want to persist in the world of technology and data, you need to update yourself with Big Data. Rahul did the same and peeked inside Big Data.

Problems he faced and the Solutions we provided

Without having any plan, he started reading about Big Data and Hadoop. A little he understood, then felt a need for guidance or a perfect guide. He searched a lot, got the list of many institutes that are very costly and not offering the course as per his satisfaction. During this, he found DataFlair, reviewed the course curriculum, fee structure, and other facilities provided by us. After some time, he approached DataFlair for the online Big Data Hadoop and Spark Course. Rahul's opinion on this -

I was little nervous about the new beginning that was the entry in Big Data and Hadoop. After I attended the first session of DataFlair, nervousness started vanishing and I was confident and excited enough to attend all the sessions. They explained all the things nicely and also the syllabus was sufficient enough for transforming freshers to Big Data expert.

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The success he achieved in Big Data

After completing the course, DataFlair helped him to get a job as well. The job he got is just because of his hard work and passion for Big Data. He faced interview and cracked it in a go. Let's hear it from Rahul -

I would like to thank DataFlair, guidance and help they provide means a lot for me. I cracked the interview in one go because I was prepared for it during the online training given by DataFlair. They provided me best mock interview series, also gave a chance to learn from the interview experience of other alumni. Not only this, when I faced the interview for Big Data, I knew the answers to many technical questions because I had tried my hands on Big data projects in the training. With the help of all this experience, I was able to crack the Big data interview and achieved my success, got the job with 80% hike in my salary.

How was his experience in the Big Data interview?

he says -

Before the interview, I had thoughts on whether the Java and SQL skills going to affect the interview or not. Yes, it affected positively. I had 4 technical interview rounds. Questions were asked from Java, SQL, Spark RDD, Data frames, Hadoop, Big Data and MapReduce. Below I am sharing some of the questions asked to me -

Q.1 What is the meaning of boundary conditions?

Q.2 What is shuffle and sorting?

Q.3 Partition the name of the people based on the Alphabets (A to Z, this means 1-26 partitions)

Q.4 How will you find the highest salary of an employee?

Q.5 Tell us something about collections framework.

Q.6 Questions related to my recent projects

Tips to crack the interview

Tip 1 - Make a habit of writing down the programs and SQL query

Tip 2 - Revise all your learnings of SQL and Java

Tip 3 - Watch the videos given by DataFlair

Tip 4 - Read the book chapters twice or thrice

Words for Others

If you are from a Java and SQL background and want to explore Big Data, then DataFlair is the best place for you. The best part I like is that instructor's voice keeps echoing in your ears till you get the job. If you want to become a Big Data expert, enroll the course now.

All the best!!

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5 Responses

  1. Shashi Kanth says:

    Hi Rahul, congratulations on your success. I am from PHP background, with good amount of experience. Not sure whether shift to Big Data would work out for me, as i am only aware of core Java. Can you suggest me whether this course will benefit me to make a transition in my career ?

  2. Geetha says:

    Hi Rahul, congratulations on your success. I am a fresher. But, now I am working as technical support engineer (Middleware) . I want to shift from support to development. I am aware of core java . Could you please suggest me which technology is best.

  3. Manish Kumar Choudhary says:

    i am working as a support engineer but i also want to shift from support to development. i know little bit knowledge about c ,java also know sql .but i have some confusion about which language i choose to became a developer.so i am totally confused .
    which language first start to learn be a devloper so pls guide me.

  4. harshit kushwah says:

    what is your salary?

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