How Big Data Certification Helped Previn to Crack the TCS Interview as a Fresher?

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Previn Kumar Success Story
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“I chose Big Data not because it is the most trendy technology but because it will be in trend for years.” – Says Previn

Meet Mr. Previn Kumar, who decided to make his career in Big Data. He recently got placed in TCS as System Manager. Currently, he is pursuing Engineering and already took a certification course of Big Data Hadoop and Spark from DataFlair.

Want to explore how Big Data skills helped him to get a job in TCS?

Here is what Previn says about Big Data - 

I like to learn new technologies and I have a passion for learning. One day, I was reading some article about technologies then I found Big Data. "Big Data" phrase is sufficient enough to spark interest in even the uninitiated. So, I started learning Big Data, found it as the most trending technology, every company is searching for people who are having Big Data skills. Data proliferation will never stop. So, there will always be a need for Big Data Professionals. Because of this fact, I started learning more about Big Data.

Why did he feel a need for Big Data Certification?

Before coming to us, Previn started learning through the available online material. Later, he needed a guide who can explain the concepts more clearly with the examples. Along with this, there were many benefits and reasons for which he took the online Big Data Hadoop and Spark course. Hear it from Previn -

During my learning period, I face many difficulties like no proper course curriculum, a good explanation, some topics which were not clear to me and most importantly I decided to make my career in Big Data. I searched a lot for Big Data courses at an affordable price then I found DataFlair. I inquired for the course and when got the satisfaction with all the details, I immediately enrolled for Big Data Hadoop and Spark Certification course.

How did DataFlair help him?

Previn was very passionate, hard-working, and sincere for his Big Data learning. After he enrolled for the course, we provided him with a detailed course curriculum and small assessments that helped him to learn better. Also, he got a personalized career discussion with the trainer.

-he says

DataFlair helped me a lot in my Big Data career. Firstly they provide me with the best instructor who always explained the topics with the real-time examples so that, it is understood to every student. Along with this, the instructor also guided me for my Big Data career and resolved all my queries related to Big Data. Not only this, DataFlair provided me with a set of videos, arranged a mock interview session, helped me with different projects. In short, DataFlair was preparing me to crack the Big Data interview with TCS. It will be harder to get a job in the Big Data field without the help of DataFlair. Thanks a lot.

Previn also shared his interview experience with us.

When the interviewer saw Big Data Certification in my resume, he was surprised and cheered me for learning new technologies. Then he asked me some questions related to my training, projects, technologies like Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce. Also, they asked me 2-3 questions from Java and SQL. If you are preparing for your upcoming interview must watch the videos given by DataFlair. These are very helpful for the interview preparations.

Advice to others

My only advice to other students like me is - Sincerely complete the projects allotted by the instructor.

Add only those things in your resume which you are able to answer.

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