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Prashant Pandey Success Story
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“DataFlair helped me switch my career from Java to Big Data; it revived my career – Says Prashant.” Read his story to know more.

With this growing world, all of us are working to keep ourselves updated. Today, we introduce you with such a person, who is continuously working to update himself. Meet the ambitious Prashant, he recently joined a company as Big Data Engineer. Earlier, he was a Java developer in IBM and had knowledge of Java, SAP ABAP. After completing the Big Data Hadoop and Spark course from DataFlair, he got his new job with a 80% hike in his salary.

Why Prashant switched to Big Data

Prashant was working at IBM on the older technologies (Java) and he knew there was a limited career growth in Java. He was looking for the new generation technologies for better career growth. Then he found Big Data as the most trending technology and which will last for decades. Also, he examined faster career growth in Big Data. He Googled it and noted the unparalleled benefits of switching to Big Data. After getting the satisfaction, he decided to make his career in Big Data.

-he says 

With the world becoming data driven, I felt the need to enhance my career with the current market demand. I was working on the technologies which were 2-3 decades old, in which the career growth was slow. I want to contribute to next generation technologies, the one I found was Big Data. I researched for Big Data, its future scope, salary, career growth and also the career path. I found all these things exciting to make me switch to the Big Data. Therefore, I started putting the efforts into learning Big Data.

How he learned Big Data

Prashant knew that he would need some guidance to learn Big Data from scratch. When he was reading about Big Data, he found many institutes that provide Big Data and Hadoop training. After inquiring, he decided to learn Big Data from DataFlair. He enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark training. Here, he got the structured course curriculum, the best instructor, practical sessions, live projects and many more facilities that helped him to learn Big Data quickly. Hear it from Prashant -

For learning Big Data and Hadoop, I took DataFlair's Big Data Hadoop and Spark developer course which made me a Big Data Expert. At DataFlair, I learned all the basics of Big Data with real examples that made my learning easy. Then, the instructor assigned some projects and assessments to me which proved very helpful for bringing the practical knowledge of Big Data. After the completion of the Big Data course, I attended a mock interview session at DataFlair. That was the best part of the course and I liked it.

How he cracked the interview in one go

Yes, Prashant cracked the Big Data interview in just one go. After attending the training session, Prashant was able to give face any question related to Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Sqoop etc.

-he says

There were 4 rounds in the interview - 3 technical and 1 HR round. Interviewer focused on the fundamentals like HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Spark, Flume. I was confident because DataFlair covered all these topics in their training and I attended the sessions sincerely. Also, there were questions about my project. According to my instructor's advice, I already prepared a list of questions related to my project so I was able to answer them.

Here are some tips which I followed-

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Tip 1 - I watched all the videos given by DataFlair.

Tip 2 - Read the interview experiences of others on DataFlair.

Tip 3 - Practiced coding.

I joined DataFlair and achieved success. If you are planning to switch your career from the older technology to the new one, it is the right time and right place, do it now.

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