Pranit’s Remarkable Journey – From normal IT employee to Senior Big Data Developer

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“My ingredients to success are Confidence, Coffee, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, DataFlair and Determination,” says Pranit Kumar, Senior Developer at Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

From a normal tech employee to a Senior Developer, Pranit made a remarkable journey towards one of the top IT companies - Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Let us know about it from Pranit’s own words -

Every day I wake and start checking for emails and social media profiles for updates and news. I hire a cab to go to my workplace, indulged in a conversation and discuss meetings. I instantly come back and plan for the weekend, checking movie tickets, ordering the food online and what not!

A single person has a huge amount of data. Imagine how huge the world data would be?

Therefore, I was always fascinated by how the Data in today’s world is being handled? What great heights can be achieved by analyzing data by doing a predictive analysis? Especially in the Life Science/Healthcare domain in which tremendous achievements can be gained by studying and analyzing structured and unstructured data of patients, the medicines on which they are being treated, the amount of dosage, and many more scenarios that arise daily.

All this led me to know more about Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem and the way we can use it for the benefit of mankind.

Taking my curiosity to another level, I searched for the place from where I can get adequate knowledge about Big Data and it’s technologies. Then I found DataFlair, an answer to my every query.

About DataFlair

DataFlair is an amazing platform through which a student can practice his skills while learning about the technologies with keen interest. The tutorials, blogs, and videos designed for learning are very helpful. The instructing team wonderfully explains the concepts which made me successfully learn parts of Hadoop, SQL, Spark and many more. It is one of the top training institutes added in my list which provides a detailed guide to crack Big Data and Hadoop interviews. It also provides mock interviews to practice for a marvelous performance in the interviews. In the end, a project is given to every student which is a practical implementation of the technologies learned. This enhances the knowledge and confidence of the learner.

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Details about how I cracked my interview for Cognizant-

The interview was in two rounds.

  • The first interview was taken by the Director, Senior Architect and the project manager. They asked me various questions regarding Hadoop ecosystem technologies like MapReduce, Hive, and Sqoop. Followed by some questions from Unix skill and some scenario based questions on bucketing and partitioning, and performance tuning. This round lasted for 45 minutes.
  • The second round of the interview was focused on how well I can understand the business requirements and find alternatives to any problems. The client was on a call in which he proposed some requirements to develop architecture. They also asked me about EDW and how can I improve the current business.
  • The following questions were asked during the interviews: Basics of HDFS, versions of MapReduce, Unix commands, basics of shell scripting, the analytical explanation of my project and the external jars that have been used in the project. Followed by questions related to understanding the business, requirement gathering, how to do performance tuning, how to create a data lake and create an architecture of web-based and of RDBMS sources.

With this, I got a post of Senior Big Data Developer in Cognizant Technology Solutions. Currently, I am holding 5 years of experience working on Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Scala, Informatica PowerCenter (ETL), Oracle SQL, MSSQL, PI/SQL, DB2, Unix shell scripting, and Data warehouse technologies.

I never thought that I would get this much benefit from Big Data and Hadoop course and the team-DataFlair. I am really grateful to them.

Message to the aspirants

DataFlair is the best place to learn and grow a career. Therefore I recommend all the aspirants/juniors to learn every inch of the course and the technologies to get the best out of it.

Use your time on this valuable course and get started with Big Data right now.

Last but not least, Never give up. Follow your instincts. There is nothing you can’t achieve if you are well determined.!

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