How Narendra Transformed his Career From Support to Big Data

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Narendra Success story
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“DataFlair is the key to career transformation. It built a path for me to switch my career from Support to Big Data – says Narendra.”

Are you from technical support? 

If the answer is yes, then you need to take immediate action for your career growth. Don't be stuck in a job that limits your career growth.  This is the right time to adopt a new generation technology i.e. Big Data.

Meet Narendra; he worked in support for many years and wanted to shift to development in the same company. But the companies always preferred the new one or the skilled Big Data professionals. Then he planned to take a switch in another company. He joined Big Data Hadoop and Spark developer course and now he is the Big Data Lead.

Excited to explore his journey from support to Big Data? Let's find out.

How Narendra came to know about Big Data

Narendra is a passionate and hard working person. He always works hard to update himself with the latest trends and technologies. While he was trying to enter the development sector in his company, he noticed that the company was hiring skilled professionals and demanding skill was Big Data. After all this, he started learning about Big Data. He read a few articles and found Big Data as the new cutting-edge technology which will be in demand for decades.

Why he switched to Big Data

While reading about Big Data and its future scope, he understood that Big Data is the future of the IT world. That was the only way which could build a bright future for him. He then decided to take a switch to Big Data. Hear it from Narendra -

I was worried about my future and career growth. I used to do daily research for the latest IT trends and skills, then I heard Big Data. I started learning more about it, researched a lot. After some time, I found this as the best career option and finally decided to go ahead in Big Data.

How he started learning Big Data

Narendra was searching the best online institute for learning Big Data and Hadoop. After inquiring a lot, he enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark training course at DataFlair. That was his first step toward the Big Data learning.

-he says

Learning Big Data from scratch was a tough task for me. I needed a perfect guide who could teach the basics as well as the advanced concepts of Big Data. I started searching and found a long list of online training institutions for Big Data and Hadoop. The one I selected was DataFlair. I asked many questions related to training and enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark developer course. I started learning Big Data with DataFlair. Selecting DataFlair has proved the right decision for me.

How was his experience with DataFlair?

Technology is evolving rapidly!
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At DataFlair, Narendra learned all the basics of Big Data and Hadoop with the industry experts. Moreover, we provided him with the best mock interview sessions and helped in real-time projects and assessments that gave a hands-on experience in Big Data.

-he says

I learned Big Data at DataFlair, which gave the best technical knowledge enough exposure about Big Data world. Not only this, my instructor answered all my queries, even those unrelated to the training and at any time of the day. He always explained with the real-life examples so that it becomes easy for the students to understand the concept clearly. DataFlair is the best institute to learn and experience Hadoop with real-time projects. These projects and the mock interview session helped me to crack the Big Data interview. Thanks DataFlair.

After completing the training, Narendra applied for different companies, went for the interview and got selected as the Big Data Developer. His career in Big Data is on the continuous growth; currently, he is working as the lead data scientist in the well-known company.

Words for Others

I have cracked the interview and achieved success. If you guys are planning to switch your career from any field to Big Data then choose DataFlair. It makes the impossible possible. The instructors here will help you in such a way that you will never face a failure in your life. Happy learning.

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