Nagur’s Career Shift – From Oracle DBA to Big Data Analyst

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Nagur Success Story
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“The trainer has good industry experience, which assisted me to get the required industry practices. – Says Nagur.”

We always make successive efforts to take our students to the place where they want to be. Nagur was one such student of DataFlair. He took Big Data Hadoop and Spark Certification course and now he is placed in TCS as Big Data Analyst. Nagur always wanted to become a Big Data Analyst and DataFlair helped him to do so.

Where he Started

After completing the graduations, Nagur placed in Wipro as Oracle DBA. He worked there with SQL, PL/SQL, RDBMS, and Oracle. A while ago, he managed to achieve his goal by landing himself a job as a Big Data Analyst in TCS. When he was working as a DBA, he felt that the technologies (SQL/ Oracle/PL/SQL) he was working on are becoming little stagnated. He realized that he couldn't invest his time and effort in a field which was stagnating, so he started looking for other career options. He found Big Data as a relevant option. He started reading about it on Google and searched for the training institutes which could provide better training for molding his career into Big Data.

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-he says

When I was looking for other options I found that a huge crowd is moving from SQL/ Oracle to Big Data. I knew a little about Big Data, then I researched and found that it is technology which can make my future safe. Because data proliferation will never stop. So, to manage a large volume of data (in TBs) the industry will always need Big Data professionals. Hence, there is a career growth as well as a good future in Big Data. After deciding this, I needed a good training institute which could guide me, teach me, and prepare me for Big Data. I researched and found DataFlair as the perfect institute for learning Big Data.

What helped him to learn Big Data Quickly

"In one word- DataFlair; it was there to help me - quotes Nagur"

Nagur enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark Certification course. He asked us - whether his past experience with Oracle and SQL would help him. He was a little nervous in taking the step for his career. Then, our instructor guided him in this. We taught him everything that is required to become a Big Data Expert. He became confident and now he says -

Choosing DataFlair was the perfect decision of mine. The instructor who taught me has a deep knowledge of Big Data, Hadoop and the industry. When he was explaining the concepts, he used to give real examples so that each student can understand the topics easily. When I got sufficient theoretical knowledge, he allotted projects and assessments to me which proves helpful in the interview. Whenever I got any query, I was free to ask. He answered all my questions, which cleared my understanding of Big Data. At last, I attended the mock interview session and that was the biggest help DataFlair did. These mock interview sessions prepared me to face any of the Big Data interviews confidently. Thanks DataFlair.

How he cracked the TCS Big Data Interview

There were 2 technical and 1 HR round in TCS interview. Questions were from the technologies - HDFS, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Pig, Sqoop, Big Data, and flume. Also, they asked me questions related to my projects. Here is the strategy which I followed -

  • I prepared many interview questions
  • Watched the videos given by DataFlair
  • I revised the basic concepts of the technologies related to my project.

TCS Big Data Interview Questions

Q.1 Give a command to copy data across the cluster?

Q.2 What do you know about parquet format?

Q.3 Explain your role in the project

Technology is evolving rapidly!
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Q.4 What is the data flow in your project?

Q.5 How Spark execution works?

Q.6 What are shared variables in Spark?

Q.7 Did you encounter any issue while running Spark job?

These are a few questions asked to me. You can practice them.

Words for Others

If you are planning to transform your career in Big Data then DataFlair is the best place. You just have to put in efforts; they will make you successful.

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