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1. Objective

This tutorial covers the list of best books to learn Apache Flink. We will discuss the books to get started with Flink for beginners. Apache Flink is the 4th Gen Big Data tool which is lightning fast. Follow this article to get started with Flink and learn the same.

books to learn Apache Flink

2. Apache Flink

Apache Flink is an open source stream processor that helps in quickly reacting to the most recent changes in business environment. It can analyze historical data, simplify data pipeline, and run batch jobs and also enables fault-tolerant and truly real-time data analytics. It is one of the fastest growing technology which is capturing IT market very fastly. To learn more about Flink follow this comprehensive guide.

Here are some of the best books for Apache Flink that you must read to become Flink expert. Some of these will help you in grasping theoretical concepts while some will help you in gaining in-depth practical knowledge.

3. Books to learn Apache Flink

a. Introduction to Apache Flink

Stream Processing for Real-time and Beyond by Ellen Friedman & Kostas Tzoumas

introduction to apache flink book dataflair

This book will help you in learning about the power of Apache Flink and what it can do, how consistency and flexibility are maintained by it, how it is being used in testing and production and best practices for streaming architectures.

b. The Definitive Guide to Apache Flink

Next Generation Data Processing by Stefan Papp.

It starts with the history of Big data, data processing with Hadoop, shortcomings of Map reduce, Yarn and Hadoop2.x introduction and how new technologies compete to become the successor of Map Reduce. It also provides an introduction to TEZ and Spark and then introduces Flink in a hands-on approach showing how it can become a key technology for distributed programming. From basic wordcount example to advanced programming using Java and Scala is covered in this book.

c. Flink in Action

by Sameer B. Wadkar, Hari Rajaram

apache flink in action ebook pdf dataflair

It introduces Apache Flink from basics to advanced level, Batch processing with DataSet API, Stream processing with DataStream API, basics of event time processing, Flink fault tolerance, and everyday Flink use cases, how to develop distributed iterative applications on large data scales and how to use StreamingSQL and Complex event processing libraries.

d. Mastering Apache Flink

by Tanmay Deshpande

mastering apache flink book

This book will help you in learning batch and stream data processing with Apache Flink to master the technology. It starts with an introduction to Apache Flink and its ecosystem, setting Flink and using the DataSet and DataStream API for batch and stream processing, bringing SQL to Flink, then you will explore the Table API for querying and manipulating data. The latter half of the book covers remaining ecosystem of Apache Flink to achieve complex tasks such as event processing, machine learning, and graph processing. At the end you will learn concepts like scaling Flink solutions, integrating Flink with other tools such as Elastic Search and Flink performance optimization to become Flink expert.

To learn Flink and become an expert you can follow Apache Flink blog series.

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