Big Data and DataFlair – Career Boosting Tonic for Krishna!!

Krishna Bhovi
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“DataFlair gave a helping hand while I was shaping my career in Big Data. A big thanks to DataFlair.” – Says Krishna

So what all things do you consider while making a career choice?

Choosing a career option is one of the toughest parts in everyone’s life.

For a goal-oriented person, who never wants to degrade his corporate position throughout his life would definitely go for the best.

The career choice must have a long-lasting potential in the future. It must have great opportunities for an individual as well as for an organization.

Krishna Bhovi, a Big Data Engineer at Infosys shared his experiences with Big Data as one of the best careers you can opt.

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Why Krishna Chose Big Data?

Big Data has bought many new advances in its technologies and infrastructure that allow for the processing, storing, and analysis of Data.

Fast computation and dropping in prices with the help of Hadoop, making it more convenient for the companies. As technology is getting more powerful and less expensive, many companies are moving forward to take advantage of Big Data. Companies are looking for Big Data professionals, therefore one can have a great career opportunity with Big Data.

Krishna, coming from a small city completed his software engineering and started working for Systango. After working there for almost 2 years he decided to take his career to another level.

he says -

“When I decided to quit my job and start something new which is in demand in the current trends. I learned about Big Data and its growing importance and finally decided to move ahead for it. Initially, I was very confused about what I can do to get into Big Data. Then I chose DataFlair”

DataFlair's role in Learning Big Data

Krishna met with the experts of DataFlair, understood all the available courses of Big Data. He even talked to other students before enrolling for the course. After getting positive reviews, he decided to start his course of Big Data Hadoop and Spark with great ease. Krishna was an active learner and was concentrated to make the technologies an easy game for him.

He took the most out of the curriculum in DataFlair and practiced each technology under the guidance of the instructors.

“DataFlair gave a helping hand while I was shaping my career. The instructor was well in teaching, clarifying doubts, dedicated his time to support all the students and helping to achieve every students’ goals.

In short, the instructor was master in Big Data” says Krishna."

 How Krishna appeared for the Big Data Interview at Infosys

After having a deep learning of Big Data and other technologies, Krishna moved to take another ladder towards his goal. He appeared for his desired job at his dream company- Infosys.

“I was tensed while appearing for the interview. On the other hand, I was highly determined to perform well in the process because the mock interview sessions and practices during the course did a big help to me. At DataFlair, students are provided with many sessions to prepare for their interviews. This gives them a complete idea to how to perform in the interviews. At the end of the course, a big data project is allocated to every student to give practical experience to the students.”

Krishna’s determination finally gave him his dream company. He got selected in Infosys and he is now a Big Data Engineer and performing really well. Additionally, he is exploring his career and knowledge with Azure cloud.
After getting his desirable career, Krishna wants to convey a message to the new aspirants.

Advice for others -

“If you want to build your career with Big Data, DataFlair is worth your money and time. The institute is having experienced instructors who teach every inch of the courses and stand with the students till they crack the interviews. Just experience it, I am sure you will love your decision”.

Big Data Analytics is utilized in almost all the arenas. This is why more and more organizations are looking towards harnessing the powers of Big Data technologies and professionals. Those who are analytically skilled are especially high in demand.

So start your learning now and climb the ladder of your success.

Start with an expertise course of Big Data and Hadoop.

Good Luck!!!

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