Indian Constitution Quiz for Competitive Exams

Welcome to DataFlair Indian Constitution Quiz!!! As we all know the Constitution of India plays a major role since our school days as almost every class had chapters related to it. Not only in school, the Indian constitution plays an important role in General Knowledge quizzes and competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, SSC, and other states PCS. So it is important for everyone to learn about Indian Constitution.

So let’s revise your concepts on Indian Constitution through this Quiz being developed by experts. Attend the quiz till last. You will get the answers to the questions that you were not aware of then.

All the Best!!!

indian constitution quiz


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Hope you enjoyed the Indian Constitution Quiz and it was helpful to you in revising the concepts related to Indian Constitution, Preamble and Citizenship. These types of questions are common in various exams and quizzes at National and State level. So we suggest you to revise these concepts in a thorough manner.

Do share your score in the comment section to check where you stand in your competitors.

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