Top 10 HCatalog Features | Why HCatalog is Popular

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In our last HCatalog Tutorial, we discussed HCatalog Command line interface. Today, we will discuss HCatalog Features.

There is always a question occurs that why HCatalog is so popular now-a-days. So, in this HCatalog article, we will learn Top 10 Features of HCatalog which makes it best to use.

So, let’s start HCatalog features.

HCatalog Features

Here is the list of Features of HCatalog:

i. Table and Storage Management Layer

Basically, it plays a role as a table and storage management layer for Hadoop. And, to make the read and write data on the grid easier, it further enables users with different data processing tools, for example, PigMapReduce, and also Hive.

ii. Table Abstraction Layer

Moreover, it creates a table abstraction layer over data which is stored on an HDFS cluster. Basically, this layer presents the data in a familiar relational format. Also, using familiar query language concepts, make the read and write data easier.

iii. Any Format

While working with HCatalog, we need not worry about where or in what format our data is stored. It shows data from the RCFile format, text files, or sequence files in a tabular view. Also, it offers REST APIs to make easy access to these tables’ metadata through external systems.

iv.  Shared Schema and Data Types

One of the best features is that, for Hadoop tools,  it offers shared schema as well as data types. So, there is no need to type the data structures in each program, explicitly.

v. Integration With Other Tools

Also, it offers integration with other tools and do supply read and write interfaces for Pig, Hive, as well as Map/Reduce as an advantage.

vi. Expose the Information

Moreover,  for external access, HCatalog exposes the information as Rest Interface.

vii. Binary Format

In addition, without interpreting or translating it, HCatalog supports for storing data in binary format also.

viii. Authentication

While it comes to authentication of user identity, HCatalog offers Kerberos based authentication.

ix. Adding Columns to Partitions

Furthermore, even without requiring restating of existing stored data, HCatalog support for adding columns to partitions.

x. Hive Tables

Also, it helps to support HBase tables as Hive tables.
So, this is all about HCatalog Features.


Hence, we have learned the best HCatalog Features which make it best to use. Now, we got the answers for the popularity of HCatalog with these features of HCatalog. Still, if any doubt regarding HCatalog Features, ask in the comment tab.

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