Web Developer to Big Data Developer – Treading a Challenging Path

Dinesh Success Story
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“If it scares it might be a good thing to try. I walked on a challenging path and DataFlair guided me through it – says Dinesh.”

Ever dream of a bright career?

Big Data and Hadoop are the technologies that can convert your dream into reality. Big Data is a never-ending field. You can always see a growth in your career. Dinesh noticed this thing and started his journey in Big Data and Hadoop. He covered the distance of Web Developer to Big Data Developer with DataFlair. After taking the Big Data Hadoop Course from DataFlair, he got the position of Big Data Developer at Noah Data with a good hike in his salary.

Explore his journey from Web Developer to Big Data Developer

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Why he decided to make his career in Big Data

While working as a web developer, he got to know about Big Data. It is a field or technology which can be learned by anyone and is the future of IT world. He read about it on Google, asked few of Big Data experts about the career growth, future scope, salary trends, job roles, etc. After all the inquiry, he was satisfied by knowing the bright future of Big Data. Then he decided to switch his career in Big Data. Finally, he prepared himself for taking the leap from web development to Big Data.

-he says

I found many benefits of Big Data like- it is the future of the IT world, the average pay of a Big data developer is $87,321 per year and still, there will be chances for growth. Data is something which never ends, so for handling such amount of Data, Big data will always be in demand. These are some points which attracted me to this technology. After finding all the pros and cons, I decided to take a switch in Big Data. This one decision made my career bright.

How he switched to Big data

For switching the career, Dinesh needed a guide, who can teach him each and everything about Big Data. After research, Dinesh found DataFlair as the best institute to learn Big Data and Hadoop. He enrolled for Big Data Hadoop training course and start learning. Hear it from Dinesh-

My first step for career switch is to learn Big Data and for learning this, I selected DataFlair which proved to be a good step for my career. I enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop Course and started learning it. After clearing the basic concepts, the instructor provided some project ideas that helped me to grab hands-on experience in Big Data and Hadoop. At last, I attended the mock interview sessions at DataFlair. These sessions were the key to my success. The instructor helped me a lot, answered all my queries and prepared me to face any Big Data interview confidently.

After completing the training, Dinesh went for the interviews and got selected. He got placed as Big Data developer and scored a good hike in his salary.

Words for others

If you want to transform your career in Big Data then DataFlair is the best place to learn. No other trainer or institute can guide in the way as DataFlair do. The credit for my success goes only to DataFlair.

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