Dream it! Believe it! Build it! – Story of a Big Data Consultant

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“I was lost in my path then DataFlair helped me in reaching my destination of Big Data” – Says Deepesh

In this story, we have an interesting success story by Software Programmer who believed in his dreams and builds his career by joining hands with DataFlair to become a Big Data Consultant.

The following questions asked from Deepesh will let us know how his confidence and determination took him to the road of great success.

Q: Hi Deepesh. Can you tell us in brief about your past career?

A: Hello. Yes of course. As soon as I completed my graduate degree in software engineering, I worked with Accenture as a Software Engineer for 1.5 years. Then, I worked at IBM for more than 2 years as a Technical Team Lead. Followed by this, I was working at Accenture for 7 consecutive years as a Software Programmer.

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Q: What made you switch your career towards Big Data?

A: After working for so many years as a programmer, I felt discouraged and wanted to upgrade my knowledge and career with new technology. I wanted to safeguard my career and therefore I made my mind to enter into the field of Big Data. The reason being, the whole field of big data is booming, and organizations are looking for the right talent to analyze vast amounts of data. As big data technologies become cheaper and easily accessible, the talent for big data is becoming fierce. Almost every sector including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance, banking, government, education, agriculture, etc. are looking out for big data skills.

According to information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, big data will create more than 4.4 million jobs by 2020. This will open plenty of opportunities for data analysts, scientists, architects, and many Big Data jobs.

I finally decided to switch my career to Big Data when I found that Big Data is leading the demand in the market.

Q: How come you chose DataFlair as your training institute?

A: I came to know that, to make a career in Big Data a candidate must have a combination of skills. It includes good knowledge of statistical and analytical skills, programming languages, expertise to make big data analysis, an understanding of how big data can be used to make better business decisions. I realized that I was not having these skills and must learn them from an expert. While researching for the best training institute, I found DataFlair also provides training in big data. Some of the positive reviews made to enroll for Big Data Course at DataFlair. Firstly, it provides the best trainers with practical knowledge. Secondly, the flexibility to choose the batches. Thirdly, the excellent support staff who respond to the queries at all hours of the day.

Q: Share your online training experiences with DataFlair?

A: Initially, I was nervous because I was lacking all of the skills that were required to be a big data professional. I gained strength when I realized that “The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you will achieve it.”

During the sessions, I paid full attention to the instructor as he used to explain everything with a real-life example. The pattern followed by the instructor was amazing which made me learn the concepts very easily. The instructor had adequate knowledge regarding Big Data, its technologies, and Hadoop. He used to assign case studies, assignments and projects to every candidate to increase their problem-solving abilities when working with Big Data. In addition to this, a real-life

Big Data project is allotted to each candidate which gives them practical exposure. I got big support from the trainer throughout as he used to listen to every query and suggested solutions for the same. Overall, it was great learning with DataFlair.

Q: How did you crack the job interview for Capgemini, Reliance?

A: At the time of the interview, I was asked many questions regarding Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Scala and many more. I was able to answer every question. They also asked me about my Big Data project in detail. Finally, I was able to make it and got a job in Capgemini as a Big data Consultant.

I want to give all the credit to DataFlair for their efforts to make candidates prepare for the interviews. The mock interview sessions and quizzes provided during the training really helped me clear the interview.

Q: Do you plan on doing any other course after this?

A: Yes, I certainly do. After having a wonderful experience with DataFlair, I would surely like to add on to my skills. I have a plan to learn Spark and Scala in the next few months.

Q: At last, what piece of advice you would like to give to the freshers in the Big Data field?

A: All I want to say is if you want a long-lasting career and a job that always helps you enhance your knowledge, then dive deep into the Big Data field. However, Big Data is a part of almost every field in the economy helping both industries and individuals. Many giant companies such as Accenture, TCS, Amazon, Netflix, eBay, Uber, etc. had an exponential growth with Big Data.

Along with this, the salaries offered to Big Data professionals are amazingly higher than any other jobs. So, I don’t think you can get any better opportunities.

-Thanks a lot, Deepesh for your valuable feedback.

Such an inspiring story. I hope Deepesh’s answers made it easy for you to understand why Big Data training is essential to start a Big Data career.

Now, I have a question for you.

Are you enthusiastic enough to become a big data professional?

If yes, then start learning Big Data and its technologies with excellent training by DataFlair.

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