Chintan’s journey of becoming a Big Data Engineer – Story of his success

chintan become big data engineer
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“DataFlair is the stepping stone to my success,” says Chintan Goyal, a Big Data Engineer.

Chintan Goyal is currently working in Fractal Analytics as a Big Data Engineer, after switching from Infosys. Previously, he was a Systems Engineer and was working on SAP technology for 2 years.

Recently, many professionals have switched their jobs into Big Data. It is believed that it is one of the most preferred jobs in the current era.

According to IDC, data is growing at a rate of 50% per year. Companies who can capture this data, process it as quickly as possible and make meaning of it will certainly gain unique insights that will ultimately become a source of competitive advantage for them. This is possible with the help of various Big Data Engineers who carry out different processes to churn data.

If we talk about Chintan, he became fascinated by Big Data after knowing that his job is monotonous and boring. He was working on SAP (Systems, Application, Products in data processing) for 2 years.

“After monotonously working on SAP, I realized that this work is not enticing me anymore. I started looking for the latest trend in the market which I can enjoy,” says Chintan.

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Why Big Data?

Chintan started looking for the latest technology that can give a dual advantage to him. It must be interesting to work on and also have a secure future. Then he landed up choosing Big Data.

“While reading business journals, I came to know about the companies getting continuous advantages by applying Big Data Analytics in their operations. The stories of Amazon, Netflix, and Flipkart made me stunned and then I decided to make it my choice for the future,” says Chintan.

How Chintan learned Big Data?

After deciding the career field, Chintan started studying about Big Data so that he can fit into a good job. Later he realized that Big Data is all about the latest technologies which he was not aware of. There was a need for him to take proper training in those technologies to get a full-time secure job. Soon after that, he searched for some top training institutes for learning Big Data.

“Confused between the number of institutes, I decided to get advice from my SAP trainer. He then told me about DataFlair which was already in one of my top searches. According to him, DataFlair gives every inch of knowledge about Big Data to their candidates. It is never too late when you take the right decision. So I trusted him and approached DataFlair to get myself enrolled for a Big Data & Hadoop course.” says Chintan.

DataFlair is an expert training institute which provides instructor-led training on Big Data and its various technologies. There, Chintan was comfortably gaining every information about Big Data.

“The course at DataFlair was beautifully designed and wonderfully delivered by the trainer. The trainer had good knowledge of the subject and was able to give real examples for every situation. He also provided the candidates with Big Data projects and assignments which became a practical experience for the candidates.” says Chintan.

How Chintan became Big Data Engineer?

After getting excellently trained by DataFlair, Chintan was about to step into the final challenge to get the job he was desiring for.

“Now the biggest challenge was how to express my new skills in order to break into the new career path. I kept preparing for interviews with the help of mock interviews and quizzes provided by DataFlair. I also got my queries resolved with the trainer who was also there for me throughout the training.” says Chintan.

Big Data professionals are hired on the basis of their abilities to make use of the technologies to solve different problems. Enormous questions regarding Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, MapReduce, Hive, etc. are asked to check whether the candidate is fit for the job.

“I had a good interview session with a total of 6 rounds. The first round was a hacker rank test that was having coding problems whereas other rounds were based on Spark streaming, Spark, Hadoop, zookeeper, etc.

The other questions asked in the last rounds were regarding to my project. They also asked What is zookeeper quorum? And How to tune spark job?” says Chintan.

How does it feel when you finally get what you desired and worked for?

Chintan has an answer.

“I was on the ninth cloud after getting selected in Fractal Analytics. I must give all the credits to DataFlair and the trainer who was my constant mentor throughout.

I thank DataFlair for changing my life and to give me what I wanted.” says Chintan.

From Chintan’s story, we understood that Learning is the key to success in life and teachers make a lasting impact on the lives of their students.

Just like Chintan, get the best teacher/trainer for yourself at DataFlair. Start your training with the best Big Data courses available for jobs. Shape your future and enjoy heavy salaries. Join hands with DataFlair today.

Good Luck 🙂

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