Journey From Java Developer to Big Data Associate with 124% Hike

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“Working in Big Data Analytics was never my dream. The only aim I had for a very long time was to get into a secure career stream.” – Says Ashok


The story started in 2018 when I was working with Teradata India Private Limited as a Java Developer. I had 6 years of experience in the software services industry by then. My career was almost stabilized and I could not see much growth out of it. I felt an alarming need to upskill my knowledge for fueling my growth.

Hence I was planning to turn up to some other technology that is trending and have a secure future. It was then when I came to know about the stream which is in great demand called Big Data Analytics.

Big Data Analytics as my new career stream

Unaware of how Big Data Analytics work, I was not fit for the opportunities it was offering. That was the time I decided to re-skill myself to suit the Big Data industry. So my first step towards getting into Big Data Analytics was to look for an institute that offers a good Big Data course. While searching for one, I found DataFlair with very amazing reviews and discount offers. Soon I enrolled myself for Big Data Hadoop and Spark course and kickstarted with the new technologies.

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Began learning Big Data with DataFlair

Initially, when I enrolled in the Big Data Hadoop Spark Scala Course, my life took a roller coaster ride with many challenges. These challenges include the quality of problems associated with assignments and mini-projects, office responsibilities, etc.

The instructor from DataFlair made it very comfortable. He started the course from basics and explained each and everything clearly. The assignments that were allotted to the candidates play an effective role in terms of gaining practical knowledge. The instructor was really helpful throughout the training. He used to help candidates by providing real-time scenarios.

Forums and Quizzes are the things I really like. It is the best way to prepare a candidate for interviews with the most commonly asked questions. Candidates can post their answers in the forums and these are reviewed by the instructor who suggests needful corrections. There are multiple numbers of videos uploaded regarding the course sessions which are really helpful when the candidates want to refer to any topic again. Also, Big Data projects are assigned to every candidate which require real-time approaches to solve and give great exposure to the candidates.

Big Data Hadoop Architect Interview Questions

The next stair that I needed to take was to clear the interview. Companies were looking for knowledgeable and experienced candidates. Luckily, the Big Data project from DataFlair that I did as a part of course with one of the famous retail brands done well for me. Therefore, I got many offers from multiple companies such as:

  • United Health Group:

Designation: Senior Software Engineer

  • Bank Of America:

Designation: Analyst- App Programmer

  • Enrich IT:

Designation: Lead Consultant

  • DBS Bank:

Designation: Big Data Associate

  • JP Morgan Chase & Co:

Designation: Big Data Associate

JP Morgan Interview Process for Big Data Architect

In my interview for JP Morgan Chase & Co, the interviewer liked the procedure and pattern that was followed in building up the solution for completing the project.

Credit goes to the Instructor from DataFlair who helps the candidates at each level of the project.

Now, there were 2 rounds of interview in which they asked multiple questions regarding my project as well as from the various technologies. The following are the questions that were asked during my interview:

Q. Explain about yourself and your projects?

Q. Tell me about your experience with Spark and Scala and what is a singleton in Scala?

Q. Implement custom foldLeft API? They gave a laptop with Eclipse IDE to implement this function. Then asked to write a unit test case for this one.

Q. What is Dataframe and What is RDD?

Q. What is implicit? Explain with an example?

Q. What are the different types of serialization supports in Spark? Can you name it? What about MapReduce?

Q. What is the difference between groupByKey and reduceByKey? When do you use these APIs?

Q. Explain all the statements and give the differences?

val s1 = collection.immutable.List(1,2,3)
var s2 = collection.immutable.List(1,2,3)
val s3 = collection.mutable.ListBuffer(1,2,3)
var s4 = collection.mutable.ListBuffer(1,2,3)

Many more questions related to Spark and Scala were asked.

I Achieved it

Finally, after working hard for long, I cleared the interview and got a reputed job as a Big Data Associate in JP Morgan Chase & Co. I was more than happy by receiving a 124% hike in my salary.


It was a challenge for me to switch my career but with determination and hard work, I got what I wanted. I want to thank DataFlair for being a big support system for me throughout my journey from java to big data. They are doing a great job in making Big Data Analytics a true career choice for the candidates.

In the end, all I want to say is, if you want to make a career in Big data and Hadoop, then DataFlair is a one-stop solution for you.

Good Luck 🙂

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