Arpita Cracked 5 Interviews – Got Placed as Big Data Expert With 80% Hike

Arpita success story

“DataFlair is the best GURUKUL to learn and work on real-time projects – Says Arpita”

Meet the ambitious girl - Arpita Gupta, who recently interviewed for more than 10 companies and selected for 5 big companies Cognizant, Bank of America, CitiBank, and NESS. She got placed as Big Data Expert and achieved 80% hike in her salary.

Excited to know her journey and interview experiences? Read the complete story -

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Why Arpita switched to Big Data

Arpita worked with many technologies like Java, Maven, Linux, Oracle, CDI, and she had a basic knowledge of Big Data and HDFS. Even after being good at so many technologies, she wanted to learn more so she could keep up with the industry. She found Big Data as the future of the IT industry and noticed a continuous growth in this industry. She then decided to take a right move toward Big Data.

-she says

While working with older technologies, I felt a need to keep myself updated with newer technology. I found Big Data as the latest growing technology in IT world as it is mandatory for everyone, today or later you will have to learn it. I could see my bright future in this industry because data proliferation will never end. Hence, companies will always need Big Data professionals to handle the large volume of data. Then, I decided to choose Hadoop and Big Data as my career.

How Arpita learned Big Data

Arpita knew the basics of Big Data and HDFS. To learn more, she started looking for the online institutes who could provide better guidance for Big Data. She inquired at many institutes, asked them details for the course. Then she finalized DataFlair as the best one, enrolled for Big Data Hadoop and Spark course. She started learning Big Data with DataFlair. Here, she got hands-on experience through live projects and assignments. Also, she learned all the concepts of Big Data and Hadoop. She shared -

Only with the help of DataFlair, it became possible for me to learn Big Data and Hadoop quickly. After enrolling for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark course, I started my learning. I learned all the basic concepts of Big Data, Hadoop and Spark. Then, I practiced them with real-time projects and assignments that gave me hands-on experience. After the completion of the curriculum, there was a session of the mock interview that really proved helpful for me. The instructor taught me each and every required thing to become a master of Big Data.

Big Data Interview Questions Arpita was Asked

Arpita faced many technical rounds and experienced many interviews. She shared some of the questions that change her career.

Questions were from the technologies - Spark, Big Data, Hadoop, Hive, SQL, HDFS, Scala, Linux, Kafka, and NoSQL.

Q.1 What is the architecture of real-time project?

Q.2 Why did you choose a particular technology for your project?

Q.3 Conceptual questions of Spark, Hive, HDFS, SQL, and Scala

Q.4 What is performance tuning in Hive, HDFS, and Spark?

Q.5 What challenges did you face during development?

Q.6 Scenario-based questions on Hive, Spark, Hadoop, and SQL.

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How was her experience with DataFlair?

When Arpita was asked to share her experience about DataFlair, she says-

DataFlair is a true place to learn and grow in today's booming technology. My experience with DataFlair was awesome. DataFlair provided me the best mentor, he taught each and everything about Big Data and Hadoop. I can never find a mentor like him. Here the students are taught for their bright career, not for making money out of their fees. DataFlair team always kept their batch motivated by positive stories and experiences. It is the best GURUKUL to learn and work on real-time projects.

Arpita's tips to other students

I would like to advise others who are willing for Big Data jobs and want to transform their careers from any other technology to Big Data to enroll for the course now.  They can follow my strategy to crack upcoming interviews -

Tip 1 - Follow your mentor words and instructions to grow in this industry. I followed my mentor and cracked the interviews.

Tip 2 - Work truly on assignments, read books and DataFlair blogs.

Tip 3 - Watch the videos given by DataFlair

Tip 4 - Practice the interview questions given by DataFlair

Tip 5 - Follow the suggestion and guidance of your mentor for smooth directions in this Big Data field.

DataFlair provides the best mentors, methodology, and content that actually make people shine in the Big Data Industry. I would give the credit for my success to DataFlair. Thanks to the team.

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