Big Data Noob to Geek – Career Game on Point: Story of Aparna

Aparna Success Story
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“Being from a non-Java background, DataFlair helped me to crack my first Big Data interview. – Says Aparna”

Aparna worked as a software engineer with technologies like MySQL, PHP, and CodeIgniter. She had to leave her job because she married in another city. She was without a job for 8 months. Later, when she felt the need for a job, she decided to make her career in Big Data. Now, she is a Big Data Expert placed in Cognizant with the designation of Big Data developer.

Why she switched from Software Engineering to Big Data

Big Data is the hottest and trending technology, most of the companies and people are shifting toward this. Many big companies need Big Data skilled professionals and are ready to pay high to them. Big Data is something which will become mandatory in future. Aparna researched and found Big Data as the future of the IT world. She also noticed a huge crowd moving toward Big Data for making their career bright. So, she decided to make a switch to Big Data and started her new journey of learning Big Data with DataFlair.

Why Aparna decided to learn Big Data and Hadoop from DataFlair

After getting married, Aparna left her job. One day, she was reading an article on Big Data and its future scope, she was amazed by knowing that Big Data is the future for tomorrow. After some days, she made the right decision to learn Big Data and Hadoop for restarting her career after a break of 8 months. Hear it from Aparna -

I was not quite sure how I will revive my career after a break. Then I got to know about Big Data, I started learning about it, what the technology is, its future scope and all those things which a fresher must know about Big Data. After getting all the information, I searched for a perfect course that I found at DataFlair. I enrolled for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark Course . Now, I can say that was the right decision for my career in Big Data. I enrolled for the course because I found a well structured course curriculum, affordable prices, real-time projects, and the one practicals and assessments.

How a Big Data Fresher cracked the interview in one go

Yes, Aparna cracked the Big Data Interview in her first try. Not only Aparna, but any fresher can also crack the interview. See, how Aparna crack the Big Data Interview -

After the completion of my online training session, the instructor told me to start applying for the jobs, I did the same. I applied for the Cognizant. Interview was scheduled, I was very much confident because was prepared for this at DataFlair. The instructor guide me with his knowledge in Big Data. Also, I did projects, assessments in the training. Not only this, all the Big data and Hadoop ecosystem concepts were clear to me just because my instructor explained all the topics with the real examples that helped me to remember each lesson. If you are confident and you have sufficient knowledge then no one can stop you to achieve your success.

Big Data Interview Questions that Aparna Faced

I faced 3 rounds - 2 technical and 1 HR. The initial round was like a screening process where they asked some basic questions related to the technologies mentioned in my resume. In the second round, questions they asked me questions from my project (workflow, cluster size, cluster configuration, block size, why choose this technology etc.). Below I am listing some of the questions -

Q.1 What is Bucketing and Partitioning in Hive?

Q.2 Give the difference between RDD, Dataframe, and Dataset.

Q.3 What are the Hive Optimisation Techniques?

Q.4 Tell me about InputFormat types in HDFS.

Q.5 Explain incremental load in Sqoop.

Q.6 Differentiate MR1 and MR2.

Q.7 java questions from collections and exceptions.

Tips to crack the interview

Here are some tips which you can follow to crack the Big data Interview

Tip 1 - Watch videos from DataFlair to build a clear understanding of the technology.

Tip 2 - Review interview questions, assignments, and projects given by DataFlair.

Tip 3 - Cover all the basic things about the technologies mentioned in your project.

Words for others

If you are thinking about a career change in Big Data, then you should start learning it now. Remember later means never. DataFlair is the best place to learn Big data and Hadoop, I am completely satisfied with the course. Thanks DataFlair for building my Career in Big Data.

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