Journey from SQL to Big Data – Story of Anish, a Big Data Engineer

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Anish Success Story
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“DataFlair is the right place to learn Big Data and Hadoop. They constantly push you to work hard to help you crack the interview. – Says Anish”

Many SQL professionals are switching to Big Data or Hadoop, Anish was one of them. Anish has a good experience with SQL, PL/SQL, and Oracle. Now, Anish is a Big Data engineer with Big Data Hadoop and Spark certification. Also, he got a hike in his salary after switching from SQL to Big Data.

Ready to explore his journey from SQL to Hadoop.

How does it begin?

Anish was working as an assistant system engineer in TCS when he noticed data proliferation and a gradual change in the technologies, it worried him for his career and future growth. After having a thought, he decided to update himself with the latest technology that is Big data and Hadoop. What Anish says about it -

Working with technologies like SQL and PL/SQL, I found that most of the people and companies are shifting toward Big Data. RDBMS is good enough to handle a small volume of structured data but today we are getting a large volume of data that too in TBs and in an unstructured format. For handling such data, everyone is using the most trendy and hottest technology that is Big Data. This worried me about my career. I strated learning Big Data, found it interesting and important for my future because data proliferation will never stop and the need for handling this data is increasing day by day. After some time, I finally switched my career to Big Data.

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How he switched his career from SQL to Big Data?

When he decided to switch his career from SQL to Big Data, he started learning Big Data. After a while, he felt a need for hands-on experience on Big Data and Hadoop, so he planned to take an online course. What happens next, hear it from Anish -

I was inquiring everywhere for the best Big Data Hadoop course. I needed a course which not only enlightened me about Big Data but helped me in taking the right decision for my career. Then I found DataFlair, I asked few questions to them about Big Data Hadoop and Spark training. After getting satisfaction, I enrolled for the course. The journey of switching my career from SQL to Big Data started.

What was the role of DataFlair?

In Anish's batch, there were many students from different backgrounds (non-technical, SQL, Java). DataFlair helped each student by providing the best instructor, a complete syllabus with study material, explained all the topics by giving real-time examples. Not only this, assessments, projects, and mock interviews were there which helped each of them to crack the Big Data interview.

- Anish says

At DataFlair, I found the complete help. They provide me the best instructor, who has a good knowledge of Big Data, Hadoop, and Spark. Course material and explanation of topics was very helpful for a Big Data fresher. I liked the project and assessments session, that helped me a lot in learning Big Data and Hadoop practically. For cracking any of your interview, you will surely need good practical knowledge. At last, DataFlair prepared me for the interview round by providing the mock interviews and videos.

What was his experience in the interview?

In the interview, Anish faced 2 technical rounds. Questions were based on Current Big Data project, his role and task in that project, Sqoop, Hive, HDFS, Flume, Spark, and Scala.

I was prepared to face any question related to Hadoop ecosystem. There were may questions based on my projects. I did the projects sincerely, the instructor heped me in preparing different questions that could be asked in my interview. So, I was confident enough to give the answers.

Did previous SQL experience help him?

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Any of your experience will be going to add some value to your resume. Same happened with Anish. His good knowledge in SQL helped him to understand Big Data concepts and also to run any query quickly. He hardly faced a single question related to SQL, however, he was asked to run a query, he pulled it off confidently.

List of Big Data Interview Questions Anish was asked-

Q.1 Why use Spark over Hadoop?

Q.2 Tell me the difference between reduceBYKEY and groupBYKEY.

Q.3 What is Bucketing and Partitioning in Hive?

Q.4 Explain the working of Spark.

Q.5 What are HDFS Read and Write Operations

Q.6 Explain HDFS namenode, datanode, metadata, blocks.

Q.7 What are the different versions of Scala, Spark, Hadoop Flavor?

Q.8 What is the DataFlow of your project?

Q.9 How did you store the data in your project?

Q.10  Explain distributed cache.

Anish strategy for cracking the Big Data Interview

  • I watched the session videos twice.
  • Then I practiced it by doing projects.
  • Solved the questions posted in the discussion forums of DataFlair.
  • I spend at least 3hrs a day in studying and practicing.
  • I used catchy keywords at the end of the answers, most of the time the next question was based on that only.

The above strategy and my Big Data learning helped me to crack the interview. I feel I chose the right place to learn Hadoop by taking DataFlair Training. If you are from SQL or any other background and want to switch your career in Big Data, then it is the right time and right place to take a Big Data course.

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